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Instructable Chat Room Party Answered

hey, i have this idea, lets have a instructable chat room party!!!, for no reason, maybe celebrate summer coming, or something like that, just an idea. how about everyone be in the chat room on the 7th of June, its a Saturday so, i hope to see ya there!!! I've taken lots from the instructables community (knowledge, not actually stealing things), and i would like to give something back...

instructables chatroom

7:00 instructables time PCT


Altoids!? Why is this tagged as Altoids?!

You can mess with tags!? Let me guess, you can feature too? Lucky...

Yea... I have been on the feature team about since it started.

Lucky... I want to be able to feature!

Like I say to everyone else; if you contribute great instructables and provide a unique positive influence on the site, we are able to request people to the feature team.

then i have some problems,my instructables always come out bad

my latest ible is rated at 3.09 with 1 rating and it has 448 views so im on the right track now

*cough* positive....*cough*

Nah, If I ever DO get invited, I'd probably never use the feature anyway......

Well, I'm screwed. Lol! Just kidding. I'll get on it!

Sure, knock yourself out. :D

Hmmm, I think I made them mad, 2 days and not so much as a "NO WAY!"...

Lol! Okay, I 'll trust you on that. I was honestly afraid I made them mad or they were ignoring me or something!

Yay! But that'll get super, super, complicated. I tried to do that on another site once. It was a wedding thing (kinda childish, I know), and it was hard to keep up.

its some chat program that people pay for and do stuff like get fake married and stuff like that

I don't pay for chat programs. What's the point, when I can go on instructables?

They had a wedding over the internet? I hope they knew eachother before hand....

There could be bits throughout the day when things happen... or people appear...

i wonder if we could get eric, others in teh chatroom for questions

Oh hadn't thought of that, maybe a bit of improv is in order...


10 years ago

That's really cool. What time (Instructables time) are we having it?

i just updated the post, look again

Oh, ok. Cool! Thanks.


10 years ago

Wait! What did that say? Was it the secret to getting the feature power? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm just kidding (Sorta. I wanna feature! Lol). But anyway, congrats!

*erhem?* Thank you keith-kid?

So, when (and where) is this chat party going to be done?

the whole day, in the instructables chatroom

Might I also suggest, posting a direct link to the chatroom in this forum, so everyone can go there instantly. Oor, embedd it directly in the post.

How about this?:

Ibles time - 7:00??

I attempted, without success, to post an Instuctable minus an image. It really didn't need one - and I've yet to master the technique of image posting. I wonder how many ideas are not aired because of this. I'm sure that, in many cases, an image could be attached by another supportive poster.

Step-by-step, Image Attachment for Idiots Now there's an idea.

Good idea! Featured

...but...I've...been...here...as long as you have (well, 8 days less)...I think I contribute to the community...*sobs because I can't feature*

Wait just a cottin-pickin' minute!

This says it was featured by fungus amungus!

Lies! All lies!