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Instructables Stolen Word For Word, Picture For Picture From Authors on Other Sites Answered

This Instructable, as Ranie-K pointed out, is an exact copy of this by someone else on another site (who wrote it at an earlier date). While the author did credit the original author they didn't bother to take their own pictures or write their own instructions. They copied the original author's exact instructions and even used the original author's photos. The same is true of their other Instructable, which seems to be copied from here. This doesn't seem fair.


Good looking out. - flagging is the best bet here, we'll investigate.
If the flagging system isn't cooperating, or if you have more to say about something you've seen, you can always email us at support@instructables.com

You are correct.

In such cases, I recommend flagging as "inappropriate", and leaving a brief note in the comments along the lines of "this project was plagiarised from...". 

However, be aware that some authors post their work on more than one site, sometimes under different user names (my own first projects were first published on a BBC website), so you need to be certain that a project is genuinely stolen before you make public accusations.

Ok, thanks for the info. I looked at the authors of the original articles and since they both had different names (not to mention genders) from each other and the author on instructables I assume that the author on instructables is not the true author of the articles.


5 years ago


That does seem to be ok by the license picked by the author from my superficial reading(understanding.

It doesn't seem fair that the author on instructables essentially stole materials the original author worked hard to create. (And in the case of this instructable, they didn't even bother to credit the original author.) If they had taken the time to take their own photos and write their own instructions it would seem more fair.

Oh... I am sorry, I misunderstood you as if it was the other sites which contanined material taken from here on instructables. It obviously depends on what license the original was posted with. If posts here on instructibles are in conflict with a license you should tell the author so they can remove it (or make it compliant) and if that does not work report it to the admins.