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Instructable Crisis! Need Part! Answered

I’ve been working on my instructable project since the begging of December and I have successfully completed 99% of it and 80% of the instructable write-up. When I reassembled my laptop I discovered that I was missing a keyboard key! If anyone has a regular sized letter or number key for the IBM ThinkPad model please contact me. I will donate some cash via paypal and include your name as an honorable mention in my instructable! Thanks!



11 years ago

Here's a 'sneak-peak' of my instructable in-progress. You can see where the missing key is and the type of mount. The best description I can give are two rectangular pieces of plastic crisscrossed like a hinge. (Sorry its so dark, but the flash made all the keys give off a glare from their shiny gloss-coat :)


Huh. My "big supply" of keyboards includes at least two types of key mounts, but neither seems to match yours (in all of mine, the pivot for the hinged pieces is horizontal, but yours looks vertical. ) A couple other keyboards I have lying around don't match either :-( I'll look around a bit more, but it doesn't look promising.

Ok thanks West

That looks really cool -- you could call it the Anti Das Board :P It looks like you've got a bit of orange peel (it's hard to tell from that picture) -- if you want to spend the time -- wet sanding will bring you far.

Orange peal? I dont understand, are you refering to the decals?


11 years ago

In fact, I have a large number of discarded thinkpad keyboards that have lost one or more keycaps, and could lose many more and still be equally useful to me. However, they are constructed rather ... creatively (to accomadate the trackpoint), so not all the letters are the same, and I'd need to know which key you need replaced (and if you have a part number from the keyboard itself, that would be good too.)

Hi West, thanks for posting. You'll have to show me a picture of your 'creatively modified' keyboard sometime; I'd like to see it. Anyways, I checked the service manual and the part number it gives me for the (English) keyboard is 83H6474. As for the key that needs to be replaced, the symbol on the key doesn’t matter. What is important is the size. The key needs to be the same size as any of the number or letter keys. So it is a just a general key. The guy whom I bought the key from said I should get it via snail-mail in 3-7days. Hopefully it will fit to the keyboards existing mount. Until I actually get the key I wont know for sure. If it doesn’t workout its always good to have a backup source :) I'll let you know how things turn out. In the meantime I'll try finishing my instructable write-up.

Try Ebay... Common keyboard keys are almost always available very inexpensively. Try this link.

Alright, I spoke with the seller and we both 'think' it might be a fit. So I bought'em and their on their way! Thanks Vegas!

Hey Vegas, I must have missed that listing when I checked ebay. Thanks for the link, I asked the seller if they would fit a 385ED. Just waiting for a reply.