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Instructable Idea Answered

Hello, It is Walrus.  This is my first post to the forum, so take it easy.

             My idea is a simple guide to writing. This was already made, but I feel it only included half of the entire deal.
He explains good light conditions and challenges. I was thinking about:

Does music help you write?
What type of topic is the most appealing to your reader?
Pen, Pencil, or Typing?

The guide could also include a list of tips that correct common mistakes.

Please leave constructive criticism or friendly comments.

Thanks for reading! 


Every person is different I like to write at night for the silence in the house when everyone is sleeping not even cars going past the house.
I have a note book and a Dictaphone for ideas when I get them and I write in MSword it spots my dyslexia mistakes.
I have been writing for almost 40 years and have something like 200 awards from around the world for my writing. My wife collects them and shows them off to her girlfriends.

Xixfas, that's a shame! I don't blame you, writing isn't for everyone. I find myself hating writing sometimes, too! You should give it a shot, I never realized I had some skill in writing until a year ago. But if it still isn't for you, don't worry.

I sometimes do Audio recording while driving, etc. I type later.

what do you mean by : "He explains good light conditions and challenges."

I mean that he included some good details. By challenges I mean he said " write about a topic for at least 5 minutes. Then 10, and so on. By light conditions I was giving an example of said details. Thanks for reading!


5 years ago

I do hate writing.

Why not contact the author of the project you allude to, and offer to collaborate on turning the existing project into a larger, more comprehensive version?

Good idea! I was just giving an idea, expecting people to possibly think of better ideas than me.