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Instructable Offline Editor [Download and Pictures] Answered

Okay, I didn't realise I hadn't provided a link for this. It's by no means complete, it is by no means the best way to code this. I simply did it quickly. Download (bin + source): The first picture shown here is the very first version, with the third being the most recent. Have fun!



10 years ago

Pretty cool.

So, you write your instructable offline, words, pictures etc. Can you then put it online? How?

Go to options then export and it will export it to an Intructables.com ready .txt file. Then copy and paste the contents of that to your Intructable. I thought it was simple. Evidently not. :S

But I already copy and paste text from Word documents. How would your software (which I admit I haven't tried) make my life any easier?

It allows you to see a preview of what you have done. Rofl, ohwell. Have fun with word then :P

I cannot think of any way how to. Maybe it would be used for a School Project, or a way to have your Instructable in file form not on Instructables. It would be easier to just make your Instructable on the site wouldn't it?

I think so. The one time I wrote an Instructable without web access, I wrote it in Word, then just copied and pasted it into the online form later.


10 years ago

.tar.b...? (oop, I guess not) :D put it on sourceforge?

Chances are I won't update it again. And the uptake on it wasn't very good. So, not really worth-while.

Whenever I try to download this, it downloads a .tmp file. How do I get the .rar?

. Try changing the extension to rar. You'll need something like 7-zip to un-rar the file.
. When you run the resultant file it will install some stuff in one of your FireFox folders and makes a few registry entries. As far as I can tell, nothing bad.
. Still haven't figured out how to use it.