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Instructable Playercard API? Answered

Is there anyway to embed your instructable playercard onto your personal website/blog?


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Like Nacho said - it's all there, so really all you would need to do is scrape the data off the page and display it. Google Is Your Friend as far as the specific PHP, but it shouldn't be hard: Grab only the data you want from the page, and display that (presumably as HTML) on the webpage.

...Hm. I'm looking more at the source, and now I'm not so sure that's true. The info in the card isn't anywhere to be found in it (unless I'm sorely mistaken), and I can't see it embedded as an image. I'm not so sure how it's generated or where the actual data is stored, now.

>thinks aloud< Maybe they query the database every so often and just generate ALL the images once a month or something, and they stay the same all month? Surely not. Also, why can't one find the image if that's the case? This is interesting (at least to me; if someone sees I'm missing something incredibly simple please do call me on it :P ). I'll have to watch my card and see how often it updates...

They use CSS to handle the formatting (as Nacho has very nicely demonstrated).

If you scan through the page source of your profile page (the one other users see, not /you/), you can pick off the URL from the JavaScript for the card display:


If you access that URL directly (plug in whatever username you want), you'll see that it shows up in a relatively unformatted way; it's the CSS that makes it all pretty.

But you could easily script up something to parse the raw HTML to capture things like number of I'bles or whatever.

Now, why is this comment only showing up now?

(...oh, I see the bad word now...sigh...)

Yes indeed, I just blew past it in the source (I expected all the stats to actually be IN the source, which in retrospect is a silly assumption).

. Go to tim_n's Member page and search for

<div class="statscard round-corners shadow" id="tim_n">

at the beginning of the data and


at the end

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So I'll be
Guess I

It's a separate page thats loaded into your profile page, if you go to the page by itself you see all of the information as a table. All of the pretty formatting is done on your profile page.

I can't remember the link and I'm not at my pc, it's in the best answers script I wrote nacho though if you have or can get that.

Did you deliberately add the card? Because it's covering the posts below (and a large part of this message asI type, so forgive any typos, please).

And, if you used that code on another site, wouldn't the card cover stuff there?

. I just did a C&P of the stat card HTML code (the stuff between the DIVs, inclusive) from tim_n's Member page. I doubt it will work without the proper CSS file(s) loaded, ie, off-site.

Haha, it depends. If you just SLAP IT UP THERE like certain people have done (ahem), it might, but you can position it however you want with html or css.

They tell me that's what the internet runs off of ;)

So why do I need to keep stoking my computer's boiler?

he he

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There's a man from the future here! Thus proving that an author on instructables will create the first authentic time machine. Shame it won't be for almost 1,000 years :(

Also in the year 3001 we found the fix to the problem of it going over other people's comments!



Wow, nice job! I hope it gets featured!

Hasn't so far :( was hoping it would! But it looks nice on my website so I don't care! :)


7 years ago

We've done some coding and there is an instructable based on this here:


Please leave any comments/suggestions/bugs there please

Or you can go direct here:



7 years ago

We're working on it - should be up soon! (just polishing off a few bits and pieces!)


7 years ago

Blimey, didn't expect to get so many replies overnight... now I've got to sort it out into a coherent stream of thought so I can understand who posted what and where (and try to uncover the secrets under my playercard...)

I have a coding friend over today, I'll ask him to have a looksie! (might make a nice wordpress plugin?)

I'll write you the php to scrape all of the stats if you or someone else writes the html/css to make the data pretty.... I enjoy php so don't mind doing that bit for you.

Reply to nacho (but top-level so it's not covered up) - Cool! I'm totally wrong then. Shoulda looked harder. :D

. The info is in your Your page (https://www.instructables.com/you/) or a member's Member page (eg, https://www.instructables.com/member/tim_n/). Use PHP or similar to extract and display as you wish.

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I bet there are quite a few people who like to be able to do the same thing.