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Instructable about fixing LED Tactical flashlight Answered

I have a HWA-WYS SuperFire WF-502B Tactical LED Flashlight that died. I've already done an extensive Google search and found that their contract manufactured and there's really no company that you can get a hold of. It would be really awesome if someone made a instructable about how to fix one.


Ha I ended up fixing it by removing a little plastic part. As for what that little plastic part did or was for I haven't the slightest clue.

Have you any idea how it died?

Without being familiar with the model, I still have two first thoughts:

1. Did it suddenly stop when you dropped it? (you've snapped something)

2. Or fade away over a period of time? (the batteries may have died, or water got in and corroded something)

I removed the front part, which according to internet folklore you're not supposed to do, and because it's not working anymore I guess that its true. : |

That would be the unit with the LED(s) in it? I'm guessing that you've snapped a connection.

Most likely, although a visual inspection doesn't exactly where. I'm thinking about using a voltmeter to try and find where.

hopefully you merely bent something a little or if broken, can be re-soldered.

That will be your best option, especially if it has a continuity setting.