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Instructable blocked at my school Answered

Instructables is blocked at my school. I had it unblocked at one point, and since then it is again blocked. How do I convince the higher ups, principal and IT personnel, that this is a website that the school should be able to access. I teach at a school that teaches high school age students trades like welding, culinary arts, carpentry, graphic design, automotive technology, machine tool, metal fab, masonry, business, nursing, agriculture, and cosmetology. I think I hit all the classes. Instructables would be a great site for students or classes to showcase their work.


I shared with my assistant director about Instructables and the possibility of using them with senior projects and the site is now unblocked at my school!


5 years ago

Can't you just use a proxy or something?

I have thought about that, but if I want students to be able to use it then I don't want to give them a way to get into the more inappropriate places on the web.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions and helpful comments!

You might pick the best of this contest as examples.


I wonder if the site was deliberately blocked, or if it fell under a broader categorical block. Seems too that teachers ought to have access to some sites that are blocked for students. Admin might, for instance be concerned about student access to -ibles about how to make weapons.

Instructables is very keen to get into schools, and is working on resources for teachers in a number of subjects.

If you want to send me* the contact details of your school (pricipal's name, email address etc), and your real name, then I will happily email them to request that the blocks be lifted, and explain the usefulnes of the site to educators.

*By PM.

Okay, I will try myself and see if I can convince them. If not I may call you for backup. Thanks for offering.

You might want to PM canida to see what ibles HQ does for educators. Maybe they have a press kit or have contacts in other schools that can help do the convincing. Good luck.