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Instructable for xshot-type device? Answered

Hi, I've seen all the instructables for monopods and string stablilizer things, but I was wondering if there is anyone that knows how one would make a device that you can connect to your camera and take a picture of yourself, or get yourself in a group shot. There is a device called the xshot, but I'd rather make my own! Thanks!


I have an Xshot myself and it's pretty cool as it is... any suggestion to hold heavier cameras without shaking?

I've seen them around online...you could easily take a cheap monopod and use it for the same purpose.


10 years ago

Thanks for the idea NachoMahma, but I'm looking for a "camera-on-a-stick" instuctable. So I can hold the camera by the stick and take a picture of myself. That way I don't have to find an object to set the camera on. Thanks again.

. If your shutter button will accept a cable, something like this should work for the shutter. Not a recommendation, just the first example I came across. Just about any "stick" with an angle on the camera end so the stick stays out of the picture should work.
. If that won't work, it will probably help others if you will post a link to the camera's specs.

. deth2all has a nice iBle that might be what you're looking for.
. Most cameras have a timer for the shutter.

That and a mirror to make sure it looks like you want it