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Instructable not posted correctly? Answered

Ok, so I posted a instructable and after 5 hours of being published, has not yet appeared in the recent section :( . This means therefore I can hardly get ANY views at all and have zero chance of being featured. Is there any way to fix this problem or will this ible I have worked very hard on go to waste?

Thanks in advance

Btw here is the instructable link - https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Table-4/


Ugh... Its happened to me twenty or so times before. My personal tip; after you finish and do a final upload of your instructable, wait a day to publish it. This may ensure that it can upload completely and not get "caught in any filters." From now on my post day for my projects will be Wednesday.


5 years ago

I'm going to make this boiler plate.

Never !  Never ever post your wonderful instructable anytime
Friday afternoon through Saturday through Sunday through Monday morning
San-Francisco time.  If you want a chance to be Featured.

HQ bugs out, leaving week end interns and there are huge piles of stuff come Monday.
Posting at end week is futile ..... You will be missed ! ! ! !

Not true. The community team (more than 20 of us) are active and available throughout the weekend and a lot of featuring happens.

The problem here is that the author's Instructable has probably been wrongly caught in some automatic filters designed to protect against spam. This happens sometimes but it's better that 1 in 50 Instructables get detected wrongly than a thousand innapropriate, offensive or incomplete Instructables are published

I bow to your knowledge this Monday morning.

My experience pain in the past has been my only motivation.

Its scary to hear that thousand of inappropriate, offensive  Instructables
are being attempted to be published.  Must keep HQ lawyers very busy.


And, when a project is released from filters, it is put to the "top of the pile", to make up for sitting in the filters.


5 years ago

A version of this question was just posted and answered. You can read it, there are some pretty good explanations.


This question is actually asked a lot. Basically some Instructables are held back until a live person can check them. They get "caught in the filters". It will be Monday or Tuesday before they get a chance to release it.