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Instructable not showing up after two days? Answered

I published an instructable on superhero pancakes two days ago, and it still hasn't showed when I search for it.  What's going on?   https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Superhero-Pancakes/



Best Answer 4 years ago

Weird. You posted that on a weekend. The usual reason for a delay is that the Instructable got caught in the automated "anti-spam" filters, and is waiting for a human I'ble Staff member (who work normal hours Monday through Friday in San Francisco) to release it. It isn't obvious to me why your pancake I'ble would have been caught. You should expect it to appear in the next hour or two (it's now 9 am in California).

It is published and it looks like it is featured.

And it is in the play with food contest.