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Instructable not showing up in rss feed Answered

I follow instructructables using the instructables rss feed in Google Reader.   Last week i published an instructable and it hasn't shown up in the feed while everything that's been published after has.  It hasn't been gettting any hits and i couldn't figure out why so i went back thru the feed and i think this may be a big part.   this one wasn't done as part of any contest and probably isn't worthy of being featured with all the cool Easter stuff coming out but it seems like it should be getting more hits than it is.

this is the ibble:

i'm guessing that i've done something wrong when i published but don't know what or how to fix it.   It does show up on the recent page. 

thanx for any suggestions.


It doesn't seem to have any flags or issues that I can see on our end. Your project should show up in the RSS feed along with everything else.

You say you went back through the feed " i couldn't figure out why so i went back thru the feed and i think this may be a big part"...did you find it buried in there somewhere? It shows up as published April 5, 2012.

i published this instructable before Easter and it seems to have gotten overlooked in the flood of Easter projects. Because this wasn't done for any contest is it worth unpublishing & republishing it? would that put it back into the rss feed and help it get more views?

I did this once with a contest entry which i didn't realize is a big no-no. i had published a project but wasn't happy with it so i pulled it, then published again after i had pollished it up (all within the contest time frame). I got some negative comments because i guess people have used that as a way to cheat and enter an old project into a new contest. that's not what i did.

Writing does not come natural to me. For me, creating the instructable is more work than the project itself. doesn't feel worthwhile for so few views.

I've reset your project url, I hope that will make it appear in the recent RSS feed. Since it's not part of a contest I don't see this as an issue.

As for views, it's hard to tell what gets traction on the Internet and what doesn't. Don't feel discouraged if your project doesn't do well immediately. Sometimes things get 'discovered' after they've been around a while. Hope that helps!

nope. I just went thru the rss feed again and it's not there while the projects that were published before and after it are.
The feed that i subscribe to is for all instructables projects. there is a feed that is just for the "living" section. I went thru that and my project does show up in that.