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Instructable request: Animated (Hologram) childrens school rulers popular in the 1980's ? Answered

Remember the plastic school rulers with the moving pictures on it - where the picture seemed to move as we moved the ruler - plastic refraction ones I think. Can someone please tell me how to make them at home. These rulers used to be quite popular a while back - now I cannot find them - so why not make them for my kids instead! :) Thanks.


There was a holographic museum at 11 Merser St. in Manhattan. They featured the Rainbow Hologram stills and had an arcade game or 2 that was motion picture style. A gunfighter and a train come to mind. I think what you want is not holographic. I had a picture of Jesus/Shroud of Turin that did what you want. It used a plastic lens that had lines like this IIIIIIIIIIIIIII from top to bottom. Each line was a magnifier with the picture on the back side. Turn the picture left or right and 2 different scenes alternated. This required 2 pictures I think as |I|II|I|I|I|I| lines interwoven. I took several apart years ago but cannot remember what I saw for the picture. Geeze I'm sorry I cannot be of more help. The Hololgraphic Museum in NYC (if they are still there) may be able to shed more light on the sub. sorry for the pun.


This is a lenticular image generator. I know it's in german. Choose two or three photos of identical size and upload them using the boxes on that link.

It will break up your images into strips and mesh them together. Then you print the resulting image and fold it accordian style... it will present different images depending on how you look at it.

I know I've seen better instructions than what I've given, so search for "make lenticular images" or something like that.

Good luck.

its a striped image behind a prism sheet striped image of sufficient quality can probably be printed on modern inkjet printer prism - the top and bottom sides of some cd boxes have similar pattern. look for any plastic patrs that have striped texture. it may or may not be ok depending on the exact shape the paper stripes should be printed to match the size of lines in the prism

I have one in my hand with dinosaurs fighting, and multiplication tables on the back, also "School" "Class" " Section" "Name" and "Number" and MADE IN TAIWAN... The plastic part has linear lenses (rounded-strips) which present different views of a striped background glued to it. To make one you'd need the plastic-lens strip and a striped image (tricky) L