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Instructable steps - formatting has changed - extra characters Answered

my instructable has changed.  https://www.instructables.com/id/Electronic-Wart-Removal-8211-No-Blood-Little-/

The step title formatting is not what I entered.  I typed in the title but when previewed shows only part of the title with the rest of the title within the text body.  It also has extra text, strange characters showing in the preview screen.

When the whole step is viewed it looks correct.  It's in the quick view (cursor over the step) that the problem shows.



9 years ago

The funky formatting is due to the fact that you copied and pasted from Microsoft Word.  If you can copy your steps as plain text, or pre-format the text in notepad or textedit instead of Word, or better, just type into the Instructables editor itself, then you won't have those strange extra characters.

It's a known problem when you come from Microsoft Word.


Reply 9 years ago

Hi, Noah.  Is this "known problem" known to the CKEditor developers, or just within I'bles?  If the former, do you know if they have any plans to fix it?

Given that CKEditor specifically offers "paste from Word" as an explicit option, it seems to me that this is an obvious bug.  It should either be repaired, or the MSWord pasting should be (temporarily!) disabled.