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Instructable update leading to error Answered

Hi there,

I wanted to update my photo Instructable ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-cut-wooden-herborium/ ) but even if I tried yesterday and today, it leads to this error:

ERROR 401: edit object EP37PU4H5Y9VOAC -
ERROR 401: edit object EP37PU4H5Y9VOAC

I wanted to update the keywords, once it's already published (add keyword).
The path I followed to get there :
- From the Instructable page https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-cut-wooden-herborium/
- I chose Edit (the buttonon the right from "Author options")
- I clicked on the "Publish" tab
- I changed the keywords
- I clicked on "Save changes" (bottom)
- I got the above error.

Thanks for your help!



you should enter it in the hurricane laser contest

Try adding keywords directly from the project page, not through the editor. As the author look on the right hand side of the project page, there should be a box that says "author options" and a button to "change keywords".

Thanks mikeasaurus, but it reminds me to post another bug: it doesn't work at all on my computer...
See screenshot below.
That's why I tried by editing it.

Instructabug - Laser cut wooden herborium - Google Chrome_2012-08-25_21-12-58.png

What browser and OS are you running?

Win 7 + Chrome 21.0.xxxxx (but I also tried with IE 9 and got the same result...)

Bug report submitted.