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Instructables - Finalist for Best User-Generated Content Award in the Crunchies Answered

Feeling like your Instructable was the underdog in our Laser Cutter Competition? Check out the blog to see how Instructables is competing with the likes of Digg, Facebook, Geni, and Yelp.

Or just head straight over and vote for Instructables:
according to the rules, you can vote once every day until Thursday at midnight.


it seems voting is over?... is this true or am I having computer problems


10 years ago

What an odd set of sites to be grouped together as finalists. Instructables currently claims to have 4 votes, before and after I voted for them. So I dunno if your cheating is working.

Where do you see the number of votes?

This is your Aunt Debby. I am at work and am getting all my co-workers to vote also! Hi to Christy too!

Why do people still use that old image of the front page? It's undergone at least two revisions since that screenshot was taken.

It's separate "rating vote", and I voted it 5 ;-)

Ah. Never mind; that seems to be a separate "rating" vote; not (?) related to the per-site voting.

voted again today.... from three computers

That would be awesome. I think you'd deserve a shirt or stickers if you did that every day from now on ;-)
...in all your classes!

Curse this time difference! Before reading this thread, I'd had sixty kids in computer rooms!

Voted as instructed.

Damn, my start-up IQ is pretty low. I scanned through a few of those pages and barely recognized any of them. For the user-generated page the only one that caught me off-guard was geni.com. I've never heard of it before, but it'll be useful for prepping for family reunions. With these selections you have a very different definition of content. Digg has links, but not really any content except for the rare comment that has good extra info. Facebook mostly tells me how my friends score on movie trivia tests and I'm more surprised to see that one on there. Yelp has been helpful for me in finding good places to go and that's nice. For me that's the closest to providing content in the site that I can use. I'm biased of course, but Instructables provides the most open platform for users putting their own content of any kind out there.

Voted! Yeah, Digg especially seems out of place...

Ditto! User created content?

I'm going to vote, then do a "tools>Delete browsing history>delete all" and vote again. i hope it works

I did not know who voting for, so used a dice, got two 6, then 4. So I voted for the #4 on the list ... =o)

I have done what I can....


10 years ago

i cast my vote, but i'm not telling you who i voted for. just kidding. instructables, of course. its a good thing KillerK already released his SR-V1, or else this page would be full of his ads for it. lol

Ummm...Voted, refreshed the page, and voted again...apparently it stores votes on cookies, and since mine are turned off by default (CookieSafe), I could vote again. To abuse or not to abuse...That is the question...

Couldn't resist, went back and voted thrice more. I hope they don't check IPs...

Voted.... for Facebook! LOL, joking, joking. I'm impressed we even made it onto that list.... That in itself is a major accomplishment.

I'm going to go vote for Instructables from all the computers at my library, so 25 votes from me! :D

I would, but Instructables is blocked for forums and message boards :(

>.> <.< Voted for Instructables on all of the four computers in the house! :D


10 years ago