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Instructables API-like features? Answered

I'm working on a small little project, and I was wondering if there's some easy way for me to get things like views/rating/#ofcomments for an instructable easily. I've been using RSS feeds for now, but it doesn't have that data on the ible. I was thinking of using an XSLT on the page, but it isn't valid enough XML to work (not your fault at all, the javascript is throwing it off) So, is there some simple way that I'm overlooking to get views?


Hey guys...little project I am working on, very very beta. click the pie chart on the result page to get the url for a xml output...very, very beta, but you can fetch the data via python or processing via the xml url data, or parse the results page.


+1 more on API ftw


7 years ago

I'm interested in an API as well - for searches on Articles with their date/time stamp, title, author, tags, body, photo links - anything on that?