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Instructables Addicts Answered

Well, I was looking at the Quantcast Page for Instructables, and it was pretty interesting. Of course at the bottom, it says "<1% Addicts, 3% Traffic" Obviously they don't know our community...

Haha, that aside, Instructables has one heck of a community, and I feel like it could grow forever. People look at one or two instructables, then they're hooked, or at least I was. Anybody else?


My memory fails me - what happened last July?

Instructables traffic.JPG

 They might have distinguished other countries from global.

I meant the jump in traffic.

Some heavily-blogged stuff? General-strike?



When did internet browsing from phones take off?

When did iPhones get so prevalent?

Is the jump in numbers linked to the rise in phone browsers?  I get the impression that a lot of searches from phones start "how do you..." and "how to..." - that's the sort of search string that brings people to this site.

Is it possible to collect data about what sort of device people access the site from?

.  As part of the "handshaking" that goes on behind the magic curtain of HTTP, there is a browser ID string (HTTP_USER_AGENT) that gets sent to the server. One can usually suss out quite a bit from this info, especially if the browser being used only runs on a particular device/platform. This string is easy to spoof, so it's not 100% accurate, but most ppl don't go to the trouble of spoofing HTTP headers. It should be pretty easy to collect that info from the server logs.
.  If the site is serving different pages for handheld devices (I don't think Ibles does), that would give a big clue.

So that's a qualified "yes".

It is collectable - is it collected?  I don't know about the US, but the internet-browsing phones are a huge slice of web traffic in the UK, but they (anecdotally) seem to focus on a very small number of sites (including FaceBook).

The trend is strong enough that phones are being designed around it.

If my assumptions are anywhere near the reality, it could have implications for the kind of traffic / viewers we get here.

I would combine feeds and mobile browsing to visit 'ibles but it's rare I bother logging in - mainly because the phone's not great... That said, opera mini - tabbed browsing on an old mobile makes it easy...

 Yeah, I am unhappy that I can't log in with a PSP, it is incompatible... 

> It is collectable - is it collected?
.  All web servers I've seen default to keeping a log of all accesses and I'm betting that Robot uses that log as one of several complementary methods to track user traffic.
.  The info is most likely in the logs, it just needs to be extracted. I'm guessing that most modern log analyzers will handle the job.

It looks artificial to me.  Do you really think there was identically zero traffic from the UK (GB) prior to August 2009? Perhaps Quantcast wasn't counting Commonwealth countries separately before last August?  Look at the dark blue "global" traffic; it remains essentially constant (vertical height) across and beyond that transition.

I think that, after July '99, "global" has fewer countries in it.  Prior to that (I am assuming), UK, AUS etc were all lumped in global.

If you go back to that assumption, then the "global" section is much taller after July '09.

Instructables Addicts

Like that's a bad thing?????  ;^)

We ought to have at least one vice we can brag about!!!!!!

Instructables is the one vice of mine that doesn't contribute to the ruination of my life and society around me...

 Define "life", health, or social life, because I'm pretty sure it eats your social life for breakfast, Haha

Nah, it's just a serious issue of procrastination in tech... My social life hasn't suffered from 'ibles... 

It hasn't changed much really.