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Instructables Android Beta Test Dec. 2013 Answered

Happy December Instructables users,

Are you using our Instructables Android app? In order to make our products better, we cordially invite you to join our Android R1.3 Beta testing. We are interested in your feedback and have provided the beta version for download.

The whole UI is re-designed in R1.3, including-

1.       Landing Page
2.       Instructables Detail Page
3.       Login and Sign UP Page
4.       Menu
5.       User Profile Page
6.       Create Instructables and Tutorial Guide for creating instructables
7.       Share Instructables
8.       Feedback

In order to use R1.3 Beta build and join Beta testing, you need to install the attached build, it will override your current build. After the testing, you could install back to latest build on Google Play and wait until we publish released R1.3 build in near future.

Download Instructables R1.3 Beta

We are seeking your feedback in the following areas:

1.       What do you like in comparison to the older Android app?
2.       What do you feel we need to improve in the future?
3.       Any new feature requests for future Android release?
4.       Any problems you are seeing?

Big thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback,

Instructables Android team



5 years ago

*This is on an Android tablet.

First impressions are good - having replaced the "current" version, it retained all my data, and even kept me logged in from the previous version.

I like that you can now flag instructables, but the "three dots" icon normally, to me, means "more things you can do", not "flag".

Similarly, the thumbs-up icon means "like" or "favourite" to me, not "vote".

The camera-with-a-plus icon says to me "take a photo", but when I pressed it, I got a new draft instructable, which was unexpected.

That's all for the moment, just quite minor style issues, really. So far, it "feels" nicer than the old version. I'll have more to feed back, I assume, when I get time to write an instructable on it.


Reply 5 years ago

Oh, no "Featured" banner or other marker?


Reply 5 years ago

Hi Kiteman,
Thank you very much for your feedback, we are considering these suggestions.
Keep exploring!


5 years ago

Hi Dear users,
Today we have released R1.3 to Google Play, you could upgrade to the release version to play with it. And we sincerely looking forward to any of your feedbacks/suggestions/ideas!

Merry Christmas!
-Angie on behalf of Instructables Android team


5 years ago

Is there a desired timescale on this?


Reply 5 years ago

That would be useful, wouldn't it?

Give it a run-through before January 12th. Comment with feedback, or PM me and I'll relay your thoughts to the Android devs.