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Instructables App Answered

So, has anyone else seen the Instructables App? So many brilliant minds, apple/mac people... and it still works better to just use the browser? 

Is it still being added to?  Is it being worked on more? I'm sorry to have to say, but this is the first time Instructables has really.. disappointed me.


There is an app for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akasoft.instructables

I am not an iphone/ipad user but is this what you are referring to?

The user base is small on those devices so I guess the priority of development with instructables small staff  leans towards the regular browser stuff.  

There are some PSP users that are complaining they don't have a proper app for their use.

We had an app? Wow.

I don't believe they put too much effort into it because of the small market that would use it, but if the did it's possible that more would.

Two way street?

I didn't know, either. They should at least put something next to the "Find us on Facebook" button that says something about the app.

That would definitely get them some more publicity for it.