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Instructables Blackout? Answered

The Reddit, BoingBoing and [English language] Wikipedia websites are all planning a 24 hour blackout to protest the SOPA legislation.

Twitter have refused to participate.

Should Instructables join in?

What say you?

BBC article.

Wikipedia article.

EDIT:  According to this BBC article, the blackout worked!



6 years ago

Hi folks, we're not going dark, but are running anti-censorship banner ads. You'll see them around the site.


6 years ago

I feel out of place among the pros, however, 24 hours is better than forever.

I am a pro member and I feel out of place among the Pro's so don't worry.

ahh. now i have someone that isn't a pro commenting.

well..........if every site blocked there page then that day would be awful

For those of you who don't know... the blackout went on today, and will be over soon.

(Instructables did not 'go dark' as canida pointed out here, they ran anti-censorship ads instead).

And I have just posted my own reference to an Explanation as to why SOPA PIPA is such a BAD idea....

I saw that. :) And I posted my "two cents" in the form of a link to more info. :D

IMHO it contains less info as it doesn't demonstrate the "history" and real reasons for SOPA. The lecture link I supplied goes into great detail on this.

That's why my link was only worth 'two cents'... if you want the more expensive references you have to pay for them. ;) lol

No, you didn't... I just took it as an opportunity to be funny... (or at least I tried). :D

Ok, I hate upsetting others, as I don't always know when I do or not. :-)

Ya, its not always easy to hear the tone in a persons typing.... ;) lol... but no, not me, not offended or upset. :D

Well, in my case I have tremendous difficulties reading faces and voice tones even in person. So I get paranoid "on line" where it is impossible :-)

I think the blackout had success. It was mentioned over numerous news stations in Canada, the U.S and the BBC (and likely elsewhere). It made the late night shows (and the pun of some jokes) and it was a popular tweet. It got people to think about it (who may not otherwise) and it got the attention of some supporters of the legislation who are now reconsidering their backing under the proposed terms.

that's good for now...now we need to fire the idiots

So how does this pressure them into a different decision?

First of all it sends a fast message to many people. Sites like Wikipedia (and others) that get millions of hits a day, will not be operating tomorrow. They'll have a "boycott" type message online instead. Their argument against the proposed legislation is that its punishing those that aren't involved with piracy. The terms of the legislation says that any site (like instructables) that has a link that leads (directly or indirectly) to a pirated offering of music or movies, etc will be blacklisted and punished. So if someone spams here, Instructables would get in trouble... They further argue that its nearly impossible for them to monitor all the click throughs of Ad's etc and that it's not addressing the issue of piracy anyways. The reason the day picked was tomorrow, is due to the fact those industry leaders were to be in meetings with the U.S. government. Since The White House statement on Saturday (that says they don't support the legislation, as its written), that meeting has been postponed; but the "blackout" still remains.

I suppose if you can actually get some real numbers involved....idk though. Sorry, I don't mean to be dispondant....it is natural for me to doubt things like this of late

No need to apologize. :P - Plus its not really our decision. Especially at the "11th" hour. The staff would have to decide as does all website owners. I guess we'll know at midnight??

Ahem. "Our" decision? I know, I know, "51st state" and all that, but really, that's just an honorary title. You and the Puerto Ricans are in the same boat as far as voting for Congress goes...


True. The legislation that the U.S. government is trying to pass would effect everyone worldwide.

You do know I was joking, right? Being half-Canadian myself (my mother was from St. Lambert), I love playing the ignorant, superiour American ;->

Oh, you're talking about I'bles, not about the legislation. Oh, well, never mind....


lol... In my last comment, yes, I was referring specifically to instructables... obviously this is more or less a dead issue for today as the hour is 9pm PST. The EST websites will be coming out of the blackout now.

I assume that is midnight on the West coast....

Yes, and that would mean now.... but I guess nothing happened.

Except that I've had to try typing this 3 times already.... o_0

By informing those who would not otherwise be so.

Anti-SOPA activity has received (according to BoingBoing) remarkably little coverage from mainstream news networks.

Well if this bill goes through, so much for a gov. of the people and by the people...

The blackout is making news however... (And don't forget PIPA).

For a given value of "worked."

SOPA and PIPA aren't dead yet. Unfortunately. There's a key vote on PIPA Tuesday, which as of now still has strong support.


6 years ago

We could do a profile-picture blackout. Something like the below. Everyone switches their picture black, kind of like what Anonymous advocates on Facebook and other such sites. This pic has been going around my friendspace on Facebook, so why not here?

sopa censor.JPG

So how would we know the difference between a blackout and a bug?

You're a horse? Most horses only need one bit. ;-)

why not? This is the mane reason for being here, isn't it?

Yeah you had two ways to go with that one (one bit, two bits, eight bits a byte) or you could've attempted to put a halter on this whole thing before it lunges to far out of the arena. Still it wont be long before the whole thing gets rather lame. Can we curb this or are we going to keep on beating a dead horse?