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Instructables Build Day Turns into Pants-less Formal Friday Answered

The last Friday of the month is Build Day at Instructables where everyone builds and documents projects (hence Noahw's flood of awesome slideshows!). My project today was to alter this really sweet Geoffrey Beene pin-striped suit I got at a consignment shop for cheap. The problem was that it was a size 42, so I needed both the pants and jacket taken in about 8 inches, which requires taking the sleeves off. Rachel agreed to help, and pretty soon I was running around the control tower still in my Formal Friday shirt and tie, but with the new pants on inside out as she tried to get them to fit. We didn't finish, and I'll post a full Instructable when we do, but for now I'll let the pictures tell the story...


I see italy, I see france..

Heh... now that you mention it though, I've always heard it "I see London, I see France..."

Hmmm...you don't by any chance live there, do you?


No, I'm on the east coast of the US.

Do *you* live there? That'd be an obvious reason to change the phrase.

Uh Oh, looks like Yeti has been cast aside :p

Before I read it, first thing i thought of when i saw the picture was "Wow Eric, that suit makes you look fat." Great job! (You too, Rachel) You should have made the jacket into a short sleeved number while you were at it!

And i'm sure your head is a bit more proportional too...and your legs....and that you don't hold your arms like that ; )

I don't have to hold my arms like that, I haven't a choice rally :-) True, I don't look so gaunt in the face ;-) but my legs have always been somewhat big (not fat, until about 3 years ago), because I did a lot of running, riding bicycle, and some weight lifting (gone are the days....).

My legs aren't scrawny! They're wiry! Muscle and bone! Etc!!! Do I need to challenge you to a bicycle race?!?

when compared to that jacket

Although, I think a unicycle race is called for....I guess that leaves two options:

  • You guys come to Florida
  • I come and intern =]

You choose.

He's not going to get out of this race that easily.

Eric, I know you're probably afraid of this speed demon, but facing your fears is a good thing. Besides, i've got a Plan B if this doesn't work. (Josh knows it)

You could always both take wireless GPS modules, and then race each other x,000 miles apart!

You could, of course, pick both options. ...those pictures make you both look so tall!

yeah, I have a photo of myself in a somewhat big shirt, and I look a bit like Zippy the Pinhead in it.

You look very very short :P Is Christy trying to be a magician or something?

Hardly- I'm rocking out!!! We had some awesome music for our photo shoot.

When we met in person, didn't I say you were supposed to post something on the site like "Wow! Eric and Christy are really tall in person!!!"

Wow! Eric and Christy are really tall in person!!!

Well.. taller than me at least...

Wow... a space to put the pear pie! He's going to eat it all -- I wouldn't invite him back ;-)

*cough* I just took a while to post...

I was too busy thinking "Wow! They really do have purple shoes & wear swag!"... I must have forgot ;-)
*thinks for a moment*


WOW! I met Eric & Christy, and they are so tall in person! Its unbelievable!

(I hope they'll let me eat now when I get there)

Seriously though, I have never tried "taking in" any clothing (hemming yes, but taking in, no) so kudos for "just doing it" :-)

I could have done without pic #4 I think......now how will I sleep tonight ?


Oh dear...