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Instructables Build Night! 9/22 Answered

I am thrilled to announce that Instructables Build Nights have returned with a vengeance. And our amazing new friends at The reMake Lounge are going to help host them and a host of upcoming Instructables workshops.

We invite one and all to come and bring whatever it is you are working on or would like to swap. If you're not working on anything there will be a YUDU (silkscreen machine) there for people to experiment with and a host of materials and tools like soldering irons and craft supplies. I will also be bringing an Arduino to play around with and would happily give anyone a crash course on how to use one for the upcoming Arduino Contest.

Meet and mingle with local makers. Learn, share, explore and have fun! It will be just like the internet, but in real life!

Festivities start at 5:30.

The Remake Lounge is located at
Crocker Galleria
50 Post St. Suite 9
San Francisco, CA 94104
(Ground level near Sutter St. Entrance!)

We look forward to seeing you!


:( >watches enviously< It makes me want to hug a blanket.

I did hug a blanket. Nothing good ever happens in CO... cept for windmills.

Ibles needs to move to Austin... CALIFORNIA SUCKS!!! Even the Economist says so...

We did at least visit Austin for a couple of Maker Faires...

Nooooooooo!!! There won't be an Austin Maker Faire this year :'(

You BETTER be coming again this year!! I had a cold last year and was probably a bit high on Theraflu at the booth...

Hahaha Yea ! I remember reading that one !

lived in Texas for 11 years... 10 years too long...

13 yrs in TX for me, then I escaped to CA. Yay

me too!!! Escape is a good way to put it. Austin is great though... :)

There's 3 good DIY cities - Austin, Boston, and San Fran. I'll take Austin over the other two...

Robot has no ears !

Robot has had a rough life. Too many late nights and Maker Faires.


8 years ago

I don't get it Randy--how could you post this, and not include a date on the release?

The date was in the title, but I swapped it out and when we were streaming the event live last night. Fixed now.

Thanks--it's just a pet-peeve of mine. So many "new media" sources are great with technology, but not so great with basic information. Can't tell you how many old news releases I find online that don't include the date... It's important archival info, too.

I call for an Instructables branch in UK, China and Australia. Any one else agree?

UK, and Vancouver........... Or Toronto.

and everywhere else where there's creative people

Have fun with your anti gravity! (lack of...)

If you can find me an office in Beijing, I am there!

Nah I'll get you one in Canberra first. (I'm selfish)

And don't forget one in Turkey.Planes to the US are like 1000 liras.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and shared! And to all those who watched and twittered (twitted?) It was great fun and I leaned much. For example how felting works. (As indicated by my rough draft of the rare albino felted penguin.) There was also a great example of how not to write instructions.

Thanks to reMake Lounge for being a generous and entertaining host.


That looks awesome! Sorry I missed it. :(

I agree. Felting was really interesting. The Penguin is looking good.

The reMake Lounge is going to be an awesome place. I'm looking forward to the next Make Night - October 15th*.

We could use a video projector and project the live chat on one of the side walls. That way folks in chat could ask questions and participate more actively. We wouldn't have to assign someone to monitor the chat, as I'm sure folks would be looking over at it from time to time. Chatters could say things like "Hey Handyman, can I ask you a question?"

Then I could blow them off, and have another glass of wine
no no no I'm not that kind of person. I'd go over to the camera and chat.

It would be like we had a big mute invisible person, with many brains and hands, talking to us without making a sound. Just like God :-)

(if folks think it is interesting I'll bring mine and we can try it out)

*I always seem to miss the Make Nights so I'm putting the date everywhere. It's also on the reMake Lounge calendar.

Yo have to stream the event on uStream !!!

Don't just look into it, DO it. Starts in 1 hour 50 minutes. Sometimes I hate stupid Arkansas. Nothing EVER happens here.

fer once im wishin i was west caost....... love texas, but i love instructbles to...

Next scheduled night at the Re-Make Lounge:
October 15th. Save the date. Announcement/details will come closer to the date.

I'll be there. I'm running to the store for some gelatin so I can bring some Gummi Legos. I'll bring the mold also.

Should I bring my Serger to show "How to Change Thread in a Serger"? It's an unfinished Instructable of mine that was in response to "How do you Thread a Serger" Burning Question.

The Video is online:

Gummi leggos rock! Bring your serger if you're so inclined - we have a ton of scrap fabric and can make some cool stuff while we're at it.

Finally something to drag me away from Scribblenauts.

It seems so geeky to wear an Instructables T-shirt, but I'm going to do it. Most of the folks at the Builder Faire booth were wearing the same one I was. That made sense for folks behind the tables. This is just sooooo Instructables Fanboy. :-)

Excellent! Finally an event close to my house at a time that I'm free!

Yup, I'll be there! Is there an expected closing time?

i would be there if i lived anywhere remotely near SF...but im near ottawa ontario(thats canada)...