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Instructables Chatroom Party...Again! Answered

Everyone, its a chatroom party, to celebrated Halloween!!!!! Come on Halloween Eve (October 30) at 7-9pm EST. All are welcome. Hope to see you there. Stay tuned for more chatroom parties by joining the chatroom group

Link to Chatroom


Lets have another one...

There will be another one soon. Just haven't got time and the last one failed...

the Link to the chatroom doesn't work


9 years ago

No. I'll take charge of the next part. It shouldn't be scheduled so close to the previous one. How about closer to the end of the month, like the 23rd. I'll organize this one.

done, changed the date, you just organize and everything.

for a second time, i cannot make it what is with the scheduling!

I mentioned the 23rd as an example, not as the official date... The 29th is good for me.

the 29th is four days from now... just a reminder.

Another corny goodhart joke... but we love them. lol.

Oh if you want me to be really corny I could lend you an ear, and we could get to the root of the problem by revealing the kernel of the idea (aww shucks ;-)

Ok,let's get it moved to the 23 New Date: Nov.23 Same time of the day

Thank you Mr. Echo.

I have a conundrum.

Perhaps someone can help me.

"Why in the name of all that is Jelly, does this forum topic bring up an ad for the world's largest single muslim marriage service?!

Not for long, one may guess... ;->

I don't know but download Ad Block Plus for FF or the ads will get stranger...

Ooh, are we doing another costume party type thing? I want to be Jack Sparrow again.

This is not my doings, its Jelly's.. Remember most all who inhabit the room nowadays weren't even around during the rooms' hay day...

Sign up for a meebo account (meebo.com, free), don't register any of your chats, go to meebo rooms, search ibles, and Bob's your uncle..


British way of saying, and there you have it...

"Bob's your uncle" is a British (Cockney? I don't know) colloquialism which means, in American, "there you are." Hence RS's use of it after summarizing the procedure you need to follow to join the I'bles chat room. Please don't ask RS or Kiteman to explain what it means "to be in Barney" :-)

Ah, I see now. Thanks.

Hmmm...I'm guessing that means to be in trouble...teh intrawebz don't really agree...

I'll skip explaining further
since you've got an engineer to help you now :'(

I have quite a few friends in G.B. but that one is new to me too. learn something new everyday :-) Brill ! ( or is it ACE ! ?)

yeah im having an error recently that says bad request so now i just go in under my aim

thats why you haven't seen (evil)chicken in there for a while plus people hate him yet they still haven't caught on about me

Ahh, the rooms' hay day. I was barely ever on it then. Not so many (interesting) people are on it now. There's gotta be some way to breathe some life back into it!

Meet you in the chatroom?

Are you going 2 be at the chatroom party?

I was, but it was trick or treat night last night. And the school had a bonfire. :D