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Instructables Double Feature! Answered

Thursday July 24th

Update: we are at Speedway meadow, not Lindley.

Come join Instructables in Golden Gate Park for a wet and wild evening of fun, food and games. Our beloved interns will be leading some kickball, frisbee, and DIY games, while the rest of the Instructables crew will be firing up the grill for a potluck BBQ. You can count on us to bring the main course and refreshments. We're counting on you to bring those killer side dish creations that you've been perfecting! So, time to break out the killer 'slaw recipe and the rest of your PDQ BBQ Contest Creations.

If you still need some inspiration, check out some our all-time favorite BBQ side dishes:
- Mediterranean Summer Salad
- Basic Island Coleslaw
- Grilled Peaches
- Southern-Style Sweet Tea
- Sun Dried Watermelon

And let us not forget the music and dancing robots!

Golden Gate Park (Lindley Meadow), 5 - 8 pm.

Friday July 25th

Instructables Show and Tell!

We are hosting a very special show and tell as part of the closing festivities for Instructacon v1.0. Come one, come all and bring whatever it is you're working on, thinking about working on or can't stand to work on any longer and share it with some of the Bay Area's finest makers and shakers. Even if you haven't been working on anything, come anyway! As with all past show and tells, a fun time for all is guaranteed.

489 Clementina St. 7 - 9 pm


*screams* Why must you torture us?!


Wow! That is small! Four Carats and 20,s

now I can insult people with no one knowing

I know what you said!

Now I can insult people with no one knowing

Hehe, very good idea!

It was a joke don't take it seriously.


Good luck doing that

It was an Achmed reference. Lol.

SILENCE! I kill you!

Maybe I can take the Amtrak... probably not.
I can has Instructables convention in Seattle or Tacoma? How 'bout Gig Harbor? Please?


10 years ago

Go to LONDON, ENG PLZ, PLZ, PLZ!! Now That I've moved here I'm that much further away from attending anything.

Kiteman was thinking of having a UK instructables thing, smart and other members are in london, I'm in belfast and there are more dotted about the UK like PKM and kiteman...

Well if there is one you can expect me there, as i'm in the northern part of london.

Cool, there are more members than I though, I'm up in belfaast so I'd be doing the travelling... -

I really think they should do one in the middle of the US.

thats good to as long as its within driving distance

There is always the beautiful state of Pennsylvania :-) in beautiful Lancaster County LOL

The Amish are the penultimate DIY-ers. Teach one of them how to install Linux on their plows and they'll have my undying respect.

They are crafty, I've seen an Amish combine with metal wheels, actually two rims, one is smaller and connected to the axle, and the other is bigger and is attached by springs connected from the smaller rim to the bigger rim. Amish Suspension.


10 years ago


That would be almost close enough for me


seriously i want to be in san fran soo much i feel i may spontaneously combust considering bumming it out in SF for rest of life..

But see you only spontaneously combust for no apparent reason. Or maybe thats wrong? Well its right or wrong.

i thought it meant combust just really quickly with no ignition

"1 : proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint
2 : arising from a momentary impulse
3 : controlled and directed internally : self-acting <spontaneous movement characteristic of living things>
4 : produced without being planted or without human labor : indigenous
5 : developing or occurring without apparent external influence, force, cause, or treatment
6 : not apparently contrived or manipulated : natural"

From Merriam-Webster

2 : arising from a momentary impulse, with the result being combustion

But the impulse is so quick, you wont fell like your going to spontaneously combust, you just will. This may help-I live near SF and the show and tell was awesome!

lol ok,
That diddnt help at all!!! now i wanna be there even more damn you...
lol jk