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Instructables Firefox search Answered

Well i know it's not exactly an instructible but i would be REALLLLLLLY awesome to have that search box at the top right hand corner of Firefox to search instructables! i go on instructables a lot and to be able to search something without having to go though the website would be ULTIMATE!


Look up the mycroft project Its a search engine of search engines for Firefox. thats how I put instructables search on my Firefox


9 years ago

There is an instructable on it but it is sort of difficult.

there is one. I have it but can't remember where I found it.

I did a little hoking around the google search pre-installed on firefox, it can be changed to search any engine, it's a simple case of someone putting the code together for it, I'll open the files and see if it's complicated or not...

Oh wait silly me! if you right click the search box on instructables you can add a keyword for that search ex "ibles" then when you want to search it type "ibles steampunk" into your address bar

you mean the search thing to the right of the address bar?