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Instructables Gear? Answered

How can i get instructables gear? It seems like eveyone has it but me. Please help. ='(


Make an awesome Instructable, you could be featured. They will send you a patch and some stickers. Or, win something in a contest, you can get more than just stickers and a patch. Maybe some tools, kits, Instructables Robot T-Shirts, books, and much more, you got to work for it!

If you're featured in the newsletter we send you a patch!

Otherwise it's Burning Questions and contests.

What can you do to get a shirt? (Besides winning any current contest, such as Get the Heck Out! ? I mean.. Get the LED Out!, or LionBrand Yarn challenge? Is there an easier way? Because there are a lot of great Instructables out there to try to defeat in a bloody match to win a Robot T-Shirt... those blood thirsty robot lovers.

Do note that speed contests (like Get the LED Out!) have a random winner as well, so as long as you enter you've got a fighting chance to win one of the top prizes!

Yeah, enter loads of mini-'ibles and then rely on the Hoodie of Fate.

is noahw on vaca or something?...... i submitted one like a week ago and still no response

No :( (its ok I got a shirt for burning questions, thanks noah)

Hm. I think so. Somewhere on Instructables, I saw Eric post a comment to somebody wondering how to get stuff (like a patch). It said something like, "Make a really awesome Instructable. You might get featured by the Instructables Staff." Or something like that. I'm not positive, because I haven't been featured yet.. so... yeah.

I did, and I think they still do. ;-)

Well mine got featured a bit back and I heard nothing...

We send those out for being in the newsletter. Nearly all of the newsletter items have been featured.

Ah thanks, I did wonder if it were true, that would be a hell of a lot of merch to send!

My first and only Instructable to be featured was also a burning questions answer....... so, I got stuff for that........ so I have no idea

I just got my new-style patch in the mail today, and somebody had covered it in cool Yoda stamps!

w00t, as the younglings say.

Burning questions, answer one in the next round and get a T-shirt, or possibly patches depending on what they're doing that time, I've answered in the last two round and gotten a t-shirt and my stickers, bumper sticker, patch arrived the other day also found a cool new years robot engraved on acrylic... Sorry that sounded like bragging but it was a nice suprise, I forgot I was waiting for them... You could try your hand at the get get the LED out contest, three weeks and i think there's runners up get t-shirts and a ratings one and a page views one.

Ah now I know why i got the robot I did how to talk to an ex and building a website Definitely sweetness, though people have no idea what it is most of them think the robot is cool...

I think you should focus more on trying to win it. Atleast then you can strut around with pride showing off the stylish T-Shirt you won =)

To win anything, do I have to be a finialist, a first place winner or do I just have to participate.

It varies from contest to contest. Some you can win things just by participating! But a good instructable definitely stands a better chance than a poor one.