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Instructables Gets an Embroidering Machine Answered

We borrowed an embroidering machine from Craft Magazine for a few days so that we could finish up the prizes for our Fake It Don't Make It Contest. Matt got it set up today and we finished our first few test prints - all in all, it works pretty well. It's going to make some sweet embroidered aprons for our winners! Full Instructable with operational directions coming soon...for now, images of robot love poems, oranges, and laser cut micro flatware.


Nice, at one time I did that kind of thing by hand....but Arther won't let me anymore (Arthritis)

What a great machine! I can't wait to get my designed apron!


10 years ago

Cool! Now you just need an army of monkeys to program the embroidering machine...

Sweet stuff! I can't wait until I get my apron!

Thats awesome! Do you think you guys will get one for Instructables? You guys could make your own patches!

Is it computer-controlled, or self contained?

An interesting idea: could you make a "fabric" out of thin sheets of plastic, akin to this stencil, but smaller holes?

I'm not suggesting you embroider them with that machine, but it would be interesting to play with...

It's a self contained model, so it's somewhat limited in what it can do. I think it's got some basic symbols, charecters, and some simple designs programmed into it.