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Instructables HQ got a present! Answered

Instructables HQ received a special box this week! Thanks so much for the presents that our friends at LAIKA sent us, can't wait for you to release Boxtrolls! <3 What a lovely gift, such cool trinkets inside! Even a decoder ring! Our own Penolopy Bulnick jumped on the chance to solve the cryptic Message they sent us. 

!! UPDATE !!

They sent us another box! Check it out! This one had a music box, with a paper feed note card, and another puzzle!

Thank you guys so much! -Instructables HQ


Very cool.


i like this haha

I hope the film is as good as the book!

So, what do the instructions say to do with the contents of the mystery box? Are you sure you decoded that message right? I wouldn't think this movie would be tied into some gruesome murders.

That's the message I was able to interpret from the decoder ring :) I thought the first part sounded funny, but I like the second part!

I saw it as "With Dahmer lurking, all a pound" which probably should be "With danger lurking all around"? I found it odd but it might just be me or it might be some kind of easter egg they threw in there.

I totally agree! I checked it over and over, and if I want to follow the same pattern for every letter, I got "With Danmer lurking all apound." We thought "With danger lurking all around." made more sense too. Wasn't sure if it was a mistake or it's just more of a unique phrase which is weird since the second part is very straight forward :)

If you want to try for yourself, from what I could figure, for each letter, you replace it with the letter that comes before it it in the alphabet.

Ah, like IBM and HAL. Well, if they wanted the kit to go viral, they got a couple of comments out of it.