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Instructables Imageboard !! =] Answered

Hai guys,

I really hope you remember me lol!

Well anyway haven't been on Ibles for quite a while ! (about four months) O_o
Shame as this website is awesome, but being busy prevented me from posting frequently on here!

However while I was away for a bit, some free time that I had allowed me to dabble in website design. Resulting in me creating a site. Woot.

This gave me an Idea, since I use alot of forums, how about letting the communities that I talk to use a catergory at my site dedicated to topics that interest them.

So the instructables community, how would you feel about an Instructables imageboard dedicated soley to this site.

-It would allow you guys to freely and unlimetedly talk there,
-If you wanted any seperate catergorys under the Instructables imageboard I would put them up
-It would allow you guys to post preview pics of your projects on there, and of course build them on here when they are posted
- Any problem that someone ecounters building a project, someone else will be quickly and easily be able to help them, via pics and info
- It would be a seperate thing to the Ibles site - so they would be able to use the ibles board similtaneously.
- Also there would be no need to register for the site, as I will use tripcodes instead - meaning much faster chatting.
- It would be faster than orangeboards, and more free.

So how about it Guys , do you think you would like that?

If yes, I will do this all free of charge, in the hopes that you guys will be regularly visting the Imageboard. =]

I would also probally be able to make the board within this week. Then give you guys a url. =]

If that is a yes?


Haven't you seen the existing chatroom?

Yes, but an imageboard is better than a chatroom.

OK, this is going to make me feel old, but, what is an imageboard, then?

Ok well, this sin't the best example but 4chan is one of the most popular imageboards on the web! It's basically a chat board, but you can upload images, files, and videos along with your posts. Therfore being better than normal chat.

Ah, I've heard of 4chan.

Sidles carefully away...

Cynics. (sighs)


9 years ago

The internet doesn't need another chan website.. In my opinion at least

What exactly is 4chan, I know, I am out of that loop.

Although i see the idea behind this, and the advantages, instructables has many features like this in progress. (even if they are just ideas). I know that HQ are always looking for new ideas. They will take this kind of thing on board for sure. Things just always take longer.

Instructables chan, huh? Ahh the Lulz to be had.