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Instructables Impostor Website Answered

So, I was searching for my instructables name, and a weird site called "Rissing.com" cam up, with my instructable and many others. I doubt that it is a legit site, and I thought you guys might want to know about it. http://tetractinose2.rssing.com/chan-1534415/latest.php
 I would not recommend going to the site, who knows what malware awaits?


Its just an rss reader site, I clicked on it and it just opens a link to the instructables page. Everything appears to still be hosted by instructables and they are not trying to take credit for anything.

Eric even did an instructable on how to add RSS from ibles.


I guess it is like these board reader websites.

They copy the entire content of a foum or website to store it on their servers for "easy access".

Question is: How much actual damage is done by this?

Most obvoius is missing out on the hits for an Instructable, worst if it is somehow protected Ible and if people use those websites to pretent they knew nothing about it being protected in the first place.

I think the only real cause of action is for Instructables as an "Organisation" to seek legal advise and file a take down notice for their entire content.

Most users here will never know if their work was stolen this way or not and having the Instructables website and it's content generally protected would be the best way to go.

After all these "service" cause damge here by users going there and creating money through the ads instead of doing it here and maybe even joining the community.

They conveniently have a page to assert your ownership of the content and have it removed:


Thank you, I didn't notice that. I don't really care that my stuff is on it that much anyway, just thought that it was not a legit site.

I see these all the time with my 'Ibles too. I don't worry about it because I can always file a DCMA takedown notice.