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Instructables Internship - Day 1 Answered

Hello from Instructables HQ!*

Last Saturday, I flew down to visit Instructables. I stayed and poked around San Fransisco over the weekend, but today I started my Instructables internship!

(Sadly, I left my camera at home, and I don't have nearly as many pictures as I'd like)

I arrived at the control tower, and was greeted by [/member/numberrandom Mitch] and [/member/fungusamungus Ed], and [/member/candia Christy] & [/member/ewilhelm Eric] arrived shortly thereafter.

I was shown around the place, and then I started to get working. I got to take [/member/noahw Noah]'s desk, since he's out for the week. (Probably chasing [/member/T3h_Muffinator Muffinator] to get Project X's instructable done...)
Soon, [/member/rachel/ Rachel] walked in, and helped me get a copy of the database working, so I could start working on site-related things.
While the computer was chugging away (as it did for the rest of the day), I walked around and met [/member/randofo Randy], and a few other people.

Randy explained to me some of the cool things that he's working on, and I offered to help. Somehow, we stumbled upon the idea of drying clothes by microwaving them, and we were really close to actually trying it...

Later, I started assembling and documenting [/member/ladyada Ladyada]'s (seealso) TV-B-Gone kit. I didn't get to finish it before the day ended -- it just flew by!

Everything was going great. I had been extremely excited for this opportunity, and its even better than I thought. Everyone seems interested in each other's projects. Its really cool.

I can't wait until tomorrow, where I hope I get to do more exciting and fun stuffs!
Yes, I said stuffs!

* okay, I'm not there right now...


Kind of late (this comment), but cool!

Yay Zach!

Sounds like you're having loads of fun, and are being much more productive than I was =D

Yeah, its *awesome* :D
And yeah, I was really excited about the productive stuff, but I'm doing other fun stuff too!


10 years ago

Congrats! Looking forward to meeting you in person one of these days. Maybe next Show-and-Tell at the HQ...

Thanks! I'm only here for a week, though, and there's no S&T; planned... Maybe if I come back during the summer!


10 years ago



Hey, in a way, those photos were going to trouble me...I was looking at the battery case, resistors, transistors, caps, LEDs, s/m push button switch, 8 pin socket, and what appears to be either a 555 or an Op Amp 8 pin ic, and also what appears to be an interrupter type optosensor; and trying to figure out what you are constructing there. :-) Then I thought it might be the TV b-gone kit, so I looked it up. And, ok, so I took the long way around, you already had a link to that in your text *duh*

Its an Attiny 87V, I believe. A low-power, low pin count, yet more memory than the Attiny13, its a good choice for this application.

Oops. Ok, I have a device with similar part numbers on it that is a flash, but then, that doesn't LOOK like a flash, so my being in a hurry didn't help me sound very intelligible, did it ? :-)

That sounds awesome! Keep us updated!


10 years ago


i wish i could intern at instructables....your so lucky