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Instructables Lightpen Proposal Answered

Check out what came through our Twitter feed this morning. It looks like a NY maker used the LED Light Pen project (and a few friends) to propose to his girlfriend. Very clever use of LEDs, friends, the Brooklyn Bridge, and digital film editing software.

Gentlemen, the DIY proposal bar has been raised.

James, sir, we at Instructables doff our caps to you. Well-made and well-played.

Now watch the video:

(I assume she said yes. I was saying yes by the end of it, so she better have said yes.)


OMG! That was so insanely cool! I cried! lol I hope she said yes!

Great idea! Very cool way to propose, Even better than the weird recent flash mob proposal on a train that was on the news recently. This one at least had some real work and thoughtful inspiration put into it. Like I said; very cool!

simply wonderful.


6 years ago

Ask if you can put this on the InstructablesTV channel.

I'm not exactly sure why this only has 280 views. Great idea- but more importantly, great execution. Great videography, and music :)

How fun! Thanks for sharing this I really enjoyed watching the video. It is so unique. Sunshiine