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Instructables Live Chat with Eric (and Christy) A great sucess - Chat Logs Incl here! Answered

It was late at night, I was nervous, shaking almost, waiting.

The live chat went perfectly this evening, and fun was had by all, the chatroom was filled till it was bursting at the seams!

You can find the full chat logs in the attached .PDF file.
(You can get Adobe Acrobat to read the pdf Here)

Be sure to give it a read, there were many good questions.
Thank you to you both for taking the time to talk to us all.

We hope your RSI Isn't too bad!

Be sure to add your thoughts from the chat below. Or snapshots of bits that you thought we're funny/entertaining.

Personally, I think Eric is VERY cool. And I'm honoured to have been there.


Ps, Thanks to Adrian Monk and Bumpus for helping me out, and for you all behaving so well!

This is a sentence about Wburg.


It was fun! I'm going to make everyone here at Instructables do it! That'll whip 'em into shape.

Or, because some of us are in different time-zones*, why not get people to PM your volunteer with questions, which then get answered in a big forum post?

*and because we get confused by chatrooms...

Overall, I think we're pretty good about answering questions posted on forums, for example. However, that was the longest I've been in a chat room yet, and it was quite rapid fire. I didn't have trouble following what was going on, but there was this sense of needing to type quickly so that people knew I was still answering a question. Even though the chat room might not yield the best and most useful answers or questions, it does provide a sense of intimacy that doesn't come across from an asynchronous threaded discussion, and that part was fun. So, I think we'll do it again in the future.

yes, i often forget that not everyone is used to the quick 'msn learned' type skills that us younguns have, thats what happens from having the internet in your teenage years. I agree, alot of people enjoyed the 'im actually talking with Eric live!' aspect.

Youngin's ? I'll have you know I was whipping out rapid fire answers on ChatPlanet, in the 1990's ! (of course, I was in my mid-forties then....)

Yes, indeed, but the point i make is about learning to type fast in your teenage years when the learning curve is at its optimum.

Aye, in my teenage years, there were no desktop computers, the fastest typists were using keypunch machines or manual typewriters. Once we switched to keyboards without that long keystroke, we were f-a-s-t ! LOL
I have since slowed a bit however.

Oh, I'm not saying "don't do it", just don't expect a lengthy, witty, or even coherent contribution from me when you do it next.

I'll just sit in the corner.


Kiteman, I'll ask your questions next go 'round if you'll pm them to me. If you want.

Which piece of meat is next on the grill then? I nominate Fungus Amungus!!!

I generally don't "do" chatrooms, I get confused too easily, things happen too quickly, even if only one or two others are "there" (I don't use msn for the same reason).

So, that PDF should have been invaluable to me, so I could tell what went on at my own pace.

Should have been...

For reasons I don't understand, "wafflicious" was recommended a brand of American pain medication (the generic in the U.S. is called ibuprofen).

I take it when I'm sick for head aches and it seemed to me chatrooms make his head hurt.

I know what it is, I just don't get why.

is the pdf not invaluable then? idu

Personally, no. I found it very hard to link answers to questions, and to keep track of individual threads of conversation. I have the same problem with a bunch of people in the pub, and is why I much prefer the indented threads of the forum. (I did notice that some people didn't know who Eric is - that shocked me.)

okies, well, if i get time i might condense it into a question and answer format, and cut out alot of the mess.

That would be nice, but don't do it just on my account.

. I had the same problems reading the transcript. Gave up after the second page.

well, it would be worth doing. And i can work on one for next times also,

It really is that way for me at times too, but I have learned to adjust, and not react and with a little lot of practice, it gets easier...


9 years ago

o.O Too bad I missed it. Is he going to do it again soon?

ZOMG, I'M IN THERE!!!!! i wouldn't have missed it EVER!

personally i hated it because i got booted in the end for no reason all i said was group hug cin capitals then got booted

now cars, you got banned, not booted, for impersonating various members, multiple times. Even after you had been given 2 seperate warnings. If you have a complaint about being banned, or wish to know why in detail, then your more than welcome to PM me.

That was epic! Thanks to gmjhowe for moderating, and to Eric and Christy for taking all our inane questions!

thanks! It was rather eric. and christy...

That went by too quick.

Haha. It sure did! I was shocked when the hour was up. I could'a sworn it was like 5 minutes... :D

I just made it in to get a question in edgewise. The chatroom filled with comments too fast to read and I didn't know when I could jump in. I guess you really have to moderate something like this and have multitasking abilities to side chat at the same time.

Well, you were supposed to IM Laird Howe if you had a question.

Damn, missed this bit, haven't been around enough lately, will have to keep an eye out for this stuff...

Macs do look better than PCs

I wish I could have been able to attend also (but my wife and I went out to see a friend play at a club, kind of an extended birthday treat), so I was kind of busy :-)


9 years ago

I can't believe I missed it. >__< darn, I'm gutted.

DAMN I WUZ NOT TH3R3!!!!!!!!!!!! I will hopefully be there tomorrow.


It was awesome! Eric and Christy, thanks so much for taking your time to listen to the small people, and thanks for this awesome site!