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Instructables LiveStream for the Red Bull Creation Contest Answered

Update with gameplay video and more can be found here!

Ever wanted to look behind the scenes at Instructables? Well, here it is! On livestream!

We've set up a webcam and microphone in the office, courtesy of Red Bull and the Red Bull Creation Contest. Starting at 6pm today and ending at 6pm Sunday, the Instructables Team will be competing in the Red Bull Creation Contest, and you can watch us work on it.

The team (more or less) consists of:

Until 6pm tonight, you can see us go about our regular business. We will be working and occasionally trolling the webcam. Feel free to chat with us over the livestream! If there's a critical mass, we'll start doing some more entertaining things (by request), including but not limited to: walking tours of the office; staging interviews with each other; getting the Instructables Band together for another office jam session (after 5pm only).

After 6pm, you get to see us in action! We'll be ideating, building, and generally making for 72 hours, and the camera comes too. Come join us!

In case you missed it, here's the Instructable that got us qualified for this finalist round: Romance Pants

Video interview of the team by SF's KTVU here!


If anyone missed the action, check this out:


Fast forward to 20 minutes in, that's when the fun starts! And enjoy watching me being driven into a sign, into a fence, and being driven through a gate into the road. HUZZAH

After that it just keeps getting more awesome. Kelsey goes for a ride, Jake REALLY enjoys his ref flags, Randy drives in circles and spins, and FREEBIRD

That video is just under 5m long, and stops just before the game begins...

Weird, it links me to the correct video. Just click on the one in the bottom left that's shown as being 1:51:23 long if takes to the wrong one :)

I tried that as well, and I got the same short video.

You're just going to have to give me a live demo NEXT WEEK!!

This was the instant they went live on the red bull stream with the judges (or hosts or whatever their title was).
Murphy's law.
They'd spent a good ten minutes (in the last 20) setting up an awesome rig with a great view.
Somebody forgot to put out a red herring for the sheriff, and the law of laws really got up in their grill. (Note: always lay a useless broken non-working item that is un-important and generally disregarded, with the "intention" of adding it in, this usually confuses 'ol Murph. Sounds superstitious, but it really is sound logic.)
They put on an awesome show for a few minutes just before going live(on show). I bore witness, everything worked.
They shouldered through magestically even though the feed switched as they patched in and one of the two remaining chairs threw a cable.
In a word (of which I write too many),
(Aftershow note, the feed on the good cam stayed open and I was able (between other competitors who all made awesome builds) to witness a photoshoot, it was great to watch(I see how you get such awesome shots), you guys work hard, good stuff.)

Thanks for letting me hang out as a strange babysat telepresence. It was awesome, and you guys did a great job.
It was a real kick for the whole family over here.
Thanks for posting my 'fan art' on the feed! My son got really excited when it came on and was proud of me. Cheers.
awesome job! (you guys did really well dealing with Murphy and his laws, and did a great job of denying him his satisfaction.....and that mad little sheriff was all over the red bull creation challenge causing trouble)
Good job, great show! (you should consider a regular live build event, like an hour with a maker a month or week or something)

fanart copy.jpg

Thank you so much for your support. I think you were our most dedicated viewer, and it made it a lot for fun for us to know someone was watching!

Felt kinda creepy, but could not help it. I am enamoured with what you all do. I am jealous. I wish I could just be a crazy maker all day, and make a living from it. Awesome. Probably the closest I'll ever get, it was fun to live vicariously. (I talk too much)

Been watching.
Hope you pull off the win!

pss copy.jpg

So fun that we can share all this with you all, stay tuned for more madness!

All I'm prepared to say is that it involves wheelchairs and blindfolds.

Were you not given a theme or anything?

(You guys should all wear shirts with your names on - the only face I recognise is Randy. Oh, and the app version of the feed is about three or four minutes behind the website feed.)

Theme: game
As far as our names- stalk our profiles? I think there's pictures of all of us on the internet. I'm the blond girl.

I see a scoreboard, and what used to be a wheelchair...?

Check the ticker at the bottom of our video: I put up our game's name & a teaser description

All the action is happening offscreen. I can hear commotion but the camera isn't pointing at it. :(

They're [allegedly] asleep now (it being 1am in SF), but sixteen people are still watching a stationary notice...

(I wonder if they fell asleep at the keyboard?)

just sleeping.JPG

Right now there are 21 people watching a sign that says back soon.

Sleep? Hah! Need more Red Bull!

This is FABULOUS!!!

Makes me wish I was there!!!



5 years ago


Good Luck! It's looking pretty cool but still can't tell what it is.

Good luck to the Romance Pants!

As I type, the feed appears to be offline?

Oh, it's good now.

A wheel chair, and a nosey dog...

They moved the camera from the PC where they were making laser files to the workshop :)