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Instructables Meeting Answered

I was just wondering. For people who are not able to make it to the Instructables events like the one in San Francisco, could one of us here host our own event or a sort of get together of people here at Instructables. For example I live in Kansas and would it be ok if I organized that for people in this area. I'm not saying I will but I'm asking this for if others want to host one in their area as well. If thats alright of course.


I'm not wandering to Spring Hill...Maybe Lawrence, it seems like a good place to find DIY-ers. KCK is scary, let's not go there.

True, I'd stay clear of there. There's always something on the news talking about a murder or something there. Plus, Lawrence is a place I know how to get around and it's not too far away.

Kansas? ALL RIG- aw......

sorry but like i said if its ok maybe someone in your area could host one

(pssst) No iblers in my country....At least no cool ones...

There are many cool iblers in your country! *grin*

PR is NOT a country! ;-)

Hmmm.......technically it is......I'm pretty sure.....We have our own flag.....our own Olympics team (had)......Constitution.......Yeah......

We have our own flag

So does Texas. And Florida. And California. And Georgia. And...

..Every state has their own flag....

Yep, ~~un~~common misconception..

Even the Commonwealth (not state) of Pennsylvania LOL

*throws another monkey wrench into the works*

We're a commonwealth?!

This changes everything...

*Goes off to revise secret plans*

Monkey Wrenches are awesome!

Hey! You're smarter than I thought!

(That's the point that I was trying to make ;-)

So why do you brag to me that your named territory is part of the US? :)

There has to be some cool instructabler in (insert-keith-kid's-country-here). Right? Lol.

Oh. Ouch. Yeah, I don't know many Iblers there.

Sounds like a reason to get up, get moving, and get recruiting LOL

Those were kind of official..set up through instructables. While I can't see anything wrong with meeting up with people from ibles (in a public, safe way, of course), it may be best to send an PM to ewilhelm and see if they're interesting in setting them up again.

That's what I was thinking. If it is ok I might host one but I guess I'd have to check if there is even anyone in this area.

I asked Eric via PM, and got the OK. Unfortunately, planning has been held up by unplanned hospital visits and promotion at work. And my mother decided when we would be visiting her...

We've done them before...search the forums for Show and Tell, in our town and yours.

I would do one for south london but there isnt enough proper members down here we would need at least 10 people

That photo is from second-life :P

i thought it looked like that or from sims

Yea definitley SL i played for a while but i started getting a bit addicted so i gave up and found instructables instead :P