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Instructables Membership? Answered

Is the istructables pro membership worth the cost?


don't think so. i rather click a few more times to see the single threads and copy the contents to OO so i can print it/ export to pdf.

btw i don't like the idea that the site providers earn money from user contributed content. had this intention been made clear from the beginning, it would be different, but this way it seems like greed to me and i won't support that.

and for the ads there's always adblock plus. it's free and i never saw a single ad. ;)


8 years ago

Well, unless you want to give out patches, download the PDFs and have a favourites list then, no. Most of the forums here aren't restricted to pros only either.

How long did it take for your question to be published? I didn't see it until today. Does that give you some insight?