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Instructables Newsletter Problems... Answered

Am I the only one that has been getting the Instructables Newsletter only once-to-twice a week? I used to receive it everyday...
I think it has been like this for the past ~2 weeks

My other question is: Is the newsletter chosen automatically, By robot? Or by the Staff?


My newsletter problem is that the security certificates are not allowed by my Outlook 2003 email. The newsletter arrives and most of the pictures do not download/display until I first double click the email to view it, then the certificate warning pops up, then I can add or import the certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and after clicking the Yes button 10 to 20 times, the images finally display. Unfortunately the next newsletter that arrives has to go through the same steps as if the previous changes were not saved.

I've tried re-subscribing with my new address multiple times but I never get the newsletter. I've check spam folders and using other address etc. My old address still gets the messages, mostly on Sunday, Tuesday, Wed, Thursday. Sometimes skipping one day here and there.

Are you sure the sign up box at the bottom of the page is working?


I just reset your email address with our newsletter service. If you haven't started receiving our newsletter by this time next week, please let our support team know by sending an email to service [at] instructables [dot] com.

Hope that helps!

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

Using Windows 10 and Chrome.

Only the main (lead) article in the newsletter takes me to see the details of the project. No response to clicking on any other projects. Works in IE.

You should see the main newsletter come on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. The newsletter is put together by real, live staff :)

There are separate "feed emails" that are automatically populated with content that is posted in channels you are following. The frequency of these emails may vary, depending on when enough content is shared in order to create and send a new email.

You may want to double check your email folders and make sure none of these emails are being automatically filtered as spam or filed under "Promotions" (if you're using gmail, for example). Hope that helps!

If you're still seeing weird issues with the newsletter or feed emails, send us a detailed explanation of what you're experiencing to service@instructables.com and we'll dig in a little further.

I get my feed email everyday, But I don't get the Instructables newsletter as much as I got it a couple months ago

I was just wondering if it's only me, If this happens to everyone, Then it's not a bug or anything :)