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Instructables Online Classes Answered

What are Instructables Classes?

Our new online classes are the latest addition to Instructables! We're launching with nine classes - 3D Printing, Glue, Hand Sewing, Knitting, Leatherworking, Pasta Making, Robots, Wearable Electronics, and Woodworking - and more will be added each quarter. These online classes get you making with fun, project-based lessons, one-on-one help with your questions, and complete material lists and downloadable project resources.

Do I need to have prior experience to take a class?

No, not at all! All of our classes start with the basics so beginners with no prior experience are the perfect students! However, even if you’ve already dabbled in any of the class topics, you will surely still learn a ton, because the lessons progress and become more difficult.

Our instructors kept material and tool costs in mind while crafting the classes in an effort to keep them accessible to everyone. Most of the classes can be done on a budget in your garage, backyard or one-bedroom apartment!

What if I have questions when I’m taking the class?

We’re committed to providing you one-on-one help and feedback. If you have a question, please post it in the “Ask a Question” section of the class or on any lesson and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Feel free to add pictures of your specific problem or tool so we can help in the best way possible!

What are the benefits of taking a class?

We firmly believe that making is one of the very best ways to spend your free time. Our classes are no different! Each one is fun, informative, and inclusive, using a range of media from videos and GIFs to images and text to explain new skills. Each new skill is also tied to a project, so you can make things while you follow along. You’ll be getting your hands dirty with new projects that you’ll be able to show off to your friends and loved ones! And, if you have any questions, you’ll receive one-on-one support from your instructor.

Why do I need to be a Premium member to take a class?

Our classes are a premium feature. Our instructors have been working around the clock for months to create the best quality content that is engaging, fun and teaches you the essential skills to make your creative dreams a reality. Our Premium membership starts at just $2.95/month and gives you access to ALL current and future classes on all your devices, as well as the perks listed below. You can also purchase one class for a flat fee of $29.95.

What are the benefits of being a Premium member?

When you sign up for a Premium account, not only do you get access to all current and future classes on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone, you also get a whole other suite of Premium features. These perks include the ability to download any Instructable as a PDF (that’s over 200,000 projects with 100s added daily), no ads while viewing on any device, partner discounts from maker-friendly brands, and more!

How do I complete a class?

In order to successfully complete a class, we track your progress in three ways:
  • Quiz questions
  • Homework
  • Class projects
You’ll see prompts for these activities scattered throughout the lessons. Make sure to complete all of these checkpoints to successfully complete the class. If a lesson doesn’t have any of the three progress trackers, you will successfully complete the lesson simply by reading and viewing all of the content on the page.

Can I suggest an idea for a class I want to take?

Please do suggest any and all ideas for what you want to learn! We are taking suggestions for class ideas at the bottom of this page. We might just make your dream class a reality!

How often will new classes be added?

We will be adding new classes on a rolling basis and sending updates via our newsletter. Sign up here to hear about them first.


Sounds great to me. Send me your address to send you a money order to reserve my space. Thank you for this awesones!

Do you have courses on model ship building (especially square riggers-19th



1 year ago

How about having a Stained Glass Class. That would work well on here. From tracing the pattern to cutting and foiling the glass. Then how to solder the pieces together to make a window or a picture frame or whatever.

Can I purchase multiple memberships for my students? I would like to transfer the membership to the next semesters group of students after that.

can you save a class as pdf or something?

Est-ce que j'ai acces au cours qui sont indiqués gratuit dans le coin droit de l'image meme si je n'ai payé aucun abonnement?

Oui. Ils sont libres // Yes. If they are free, you don't need to pay.

how do I unsubscribe?

im at the skill level for making costume heads that i can probably teach a class on it. Im not very familiar with how things work around here but id love to share my knowledge


Only the staff can make classes, but you can make an Instructable!

An Instructable is a step-by-step guide that shows how to make a specific DIY project.

Classes are a new feature, that only staff can make. Classes teach about subjects. For example: A woodworking class, pasta making class, or a leatherworking class.

If I purchase a single class (and not a premium membership), how long do I have access to that class? After a certain period, does my purchase expire in some sense?

(Please forgive me more or less re-asking this question. It didn't get answered when I asked previously)

At the moment, you get access to that class for a year if you buy a single class. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I am a premium member so do I need to spend any money to take a class. Can you stop and start a class session and return to where you left off. Are these classes like a web-in-arei. What if I start a class ans fins its not for me. Any problem quitting and later on deciding to take it after all.

If you are already a Premium member then there is no cost to take the class (other than the supplies for the class that you don't currently have). You can start and stop whenever, and as long as you have Premium Membership, you have access to all the lessons that you have or haven't completed.

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager


1 year ago

I have a PRO account, mine still says PRO, not PREMIUM. I see the page of videos for each class. I can watch the teaser videos, but I cannot click on the "Free with Premium" link to start. Nothing happens when I do. Will it not be available to me until my PRO says PREMIUM? It sounds like it hasn't been changed in all the places in the interface.

Looking at your account, you should have full access to all classes. All you need to do is click "Enrol" on any class you'd like to take, then scroll down and click "Take Lesson". If you are still not able to take any class, please contact our support staff at service@instructables.com

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

If I purchase a class (rather than getting a premium membership), do I have access to that class in perpetuity? Or just a year?


I can't answer your question, but the membership is a far better value at only $5 more than one class. You get a lot more bang for your buck including access to all the classes, pdf downloads, and a nearly ad free experience.

Thanks for the reply. Really does sound like a good deal. Just trying to find out whether a direct purchase of a lesson expires in some sense.

I think that if you pay 29.99, you'll get access to one class. If you are pro, you get access to all of them.

As someone that has seen many classes, I can tell you that the are really good. I definitely do recommend.

Thanks for the reply. I think I'm pretty clear on what you get with a premium membership. And it does sound like a great value. However, my understanding is if you stop paying, you lose access. What I'm trying to find out is whether you lose access to class you purchased (not through a premium membership) after, say, a year.

Twm Siôn Cati

In UK we have a really, really positive community oriented approach to such things where skilled enthusiasts post their lessons on a vast range of such skills on the Internet/Web for everyone to benefit from..... FREE.

We also have a National Health Service which is FREE at the point of use.


Speaking from the UK, I'd be interested to see this community you speak of. Do you have a link?

There are nearly 200,000 instructables you can access for free, without even being a member. Classes are a very small fraction of the site content.

(Also, as I recall, Thomas Jones (Twm Siôn Cati) was a highwayman; despite sometimes being referred to as "the Welsh Robin Hood", robbed from the rich, but forget to give to the poor...)

There are ways to get a premium membership without having to pay for it. E.g. posting a featured instructable or winning in a contest. I think the classes are awesome and worth putting in a little bit of effort, or should you be too lazy, money.

That's where perhaps we differ, we have this ethos:
From each according to their ability
To each according to their need.
Irrespective of money.
We don't understand the concept of being 'lazy' - more Having a well earned rest. That's why so many of us end up living in France
We Brits are so very altruistic too - well most of us that is.
Peace and Love!

Accounts are free and they give you access to thousands of instructables. Classes are just another way for Instructables to justify the cost of a pro membership in order for them to pay the bills.

Hooray! Now I can finally remove the "Instructables PRO is not cheap. It should be better - ideas" from my to-do list ;)

Been wanting to do this...

Fantastic.. I think any maker has a few things they have wanted to try out for some time and might not have had any real idea of how to approach learning the new skills. I think I will subscribe to the wearable electronics study soon . :) I could not be happier that this has been made available. It was just by chance that i saw it though. I should be more aware of whats happening :)

I love the classes and want to do some together with my kids. I also do like translating stuff and noticed that classes are english only as of now. Are there any plans to let volunteers translate classes? Of course, this wouldn't help with one-on-one support, but maybe forums or the comment feature could be a good substitute. Just wonder, because e.g. robotics class seems to be fantastic for kids, but mine aren't yet good enough in english to take them ...

Hi... I've learned from several Instructables, so, thanks! I've also been looking for a platform for teaching people how to build drones. The one feature that I'm keenly interested in experiencing is the one-on-one sessions. I'd like to know how they are executed. Web cam talk? Email? Messaging? Combination? I need a platform for teaching that allows me to use a web cam to display me talking to the student and another that shows what I'm discussing.

So, at this point, I'd like to experience a one-on-one session personally or view a demo of one.

I don't have enough interest in the current classes being offered to pay for a year's worth of Premium Membership. Is there any way to have a session as a demo or to view a previously recorded one-on-one session?

Thanks and congratulations on becoming a platform for teachers to earn a living!


I've already seen several of these, they are great! Thanks Instructables!

I am very interested in teaching classes, what it the process to apply as an instructor? Thanks!

Classes are only created/taught by staff, at least at this point.

I would love to be considered for staff are there any openings?

Job listings are posted in the forums here. Instructables loves to hire those with quality instructables and active engagement with the community, so start making!

How do we create classes?

Classes are only created by staff, at least at this point.

If I wanted to offer a class as an instructor, how would I do that?

i like this alot.

This is a really great initiative! I started with the woodworking class. Been looking into learning woodworking for a while but didn't know where to start. Loved the fact that Mike didn't go with table saws and other complex tools which always turned me off from looking into woodworking seriously till now.

Haven't seen rest of the classes yet but they seem extremely detailed and simple to follow. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. You should definitely advertise it a bit more(such as newsletters and social media). It'll be a hit for sure...

Is Premium the new Pro or something else?

Thanks, I didn't even realize Pro had changed. New name badges for everyone?

It looks like we missed a few places in the UI where it still says "Pro." Sorry about the confusion! We will get to them all in the coming weeks.