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Instructables Pier 9 - One of the Most Amazing Office Spaces On The Planet Answered

At least according to Business Insider who recently posted an article of the 9 most amazing office spaces on the planet.  They included Pier 9 and even listed it second!

Check out the article


Wow, very interesting....San Francisco here I come! XD

Dang, yet another reason to get back to San Francisco!


4 years ago

Thats pretty much what I'd want my office to look like. Though maybe with some more CNC machines... and an wind tunnel.

We have a couple CNC machines, not sure how many though :) This view of the shop is from the woodshop facing towards the metalshop. Behind is the big room with the waterjet, cncs and fancy things. Above is 3d printers and laser cutters.

I believe there's a 3-axis CNC mill with a +2-axis add-on available, a CNC lathe, a 5-axis CNC mill, a waterjet, and a couple other CNC machines :)

Are you sure that is not just a picture of the CEO's home workshop?

"Have this one taken out back. Show him the rack...and pinions. Thx. Mr. B."

Wow! Soo Jealous