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Instructables Podcast Vol. 1 - Build a Greener Life: Robbtoberfest Answered

Part of Instructables' mission is to inspire our community to create and share great projects. We do this though contests, theme months, and challenges that are seasonally appropriate, part of a bigger cultural trend, or simply areas where we want to see more great Instructables. This year we've decided that our overarching theme will be "Green."

To kick off our Green theme of 2009, comes the first in a series of podcasts from Instructables featuring just some of the outstanding projects and authors on the site. In this first episode, titled "A Greener Life," we talk to Instructables community member Robbtoberfest, whose eco-friendly projects represent exactly the kind of DIY green ingenuity we love to inspire and share at Instructables.


there are alot of smart ppl online... tshirt time!

can it be downloaded on itunes? I want to get it on my iPhone.

Cool, Let us know when, and I will get it as soon as I can!

Great! I love this podcast... Robbtoberfest has lots of cool project! I am particularly interested in the gas powered flashlight and the lawn mover what runs on wood! Great job!

Haha awesome !, Finally the podcast has been started, this will be much better than what the community attempted to do.