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Instructables Pro Accounts Have Launched Answered

The initial version of Instructables Pro Accounts is now live! Sign up to create private Instructables, send digital patches to other members you admire, and to proudly display your Pro Badge. Check out the homepage's "New Pro Members" leaderboard to see the latest pro members.

There are more pro features on the way! Come check out the pro forum to have your say about which features we should develop next, or which bug you really can't stand (we can barely stand it either).

As I previously wrote here, if you registered prior to now, you'll get at least 3 months of free access to the features we are turning pro. During that time I hope we can convince you that going pro is worth it.


I "went Pro" a year ago, never even used the site, actually stopped getting the emails for some reason, and then today I got a notice from my bank account that Instructables was trying to get money for another year through Paypal. I changed banks between then and now, so they didn't get the $$ but I can't find where to go to get out of this mess. If someone could help me get back to peasant status, I would be grateful.

You need to contact HQ at service[at]instructables[dot]com.

You should get a quick response there.

I really think this is a bad idea. Every other site I've become a member on had/ got a membership feature. And every time the same thing happens. Suddenly, because of the special forums, privileges, etc., If you don't/cant pay for membership, its not really as fun anymore. All the older members who are more devoted to the either can buy membership or have it donated by adoring fans, so all the "cool people" get membership. Then all the new people decide the best way for them to get started and be recognized is to buy membership, because that's what all the older members have. So the members forum gets spammed up with stupid people (NOTE: I didn't say "new people" here, as most new members to Instructables actually have a neuron to fire. But the ones who feel they really need to buy membership to get people to recognize them are usually the dumb ones) who cant post their bug topics or "AMAZING AIM CONVO !!1!!" to the "mere mortals" section, and the members forum begins to get annoying. At the same time, the other forums are full of people who want membership begging for it however they can, complaining about it, etc., because they all think that its awesome to be pro. Of course, none of the pro users will admit that its starting to suck, so people finally get it from someone so that they will finally stop begging or break down and BUY it, get access, and after a few hours, agree with the other pro members. Of course, now they can brag and act godly around normal members because they have a stupid badge/colored name/other member benefits. I'm not saying that this will happen to Instructables necessarily, as the membership comes with other benefits besides forum access. But it will have side effects, just look at all the protesters already. Instead, I would just have a donate button (With some thing like a badge, but no real benefits. Most people would donate just to keep this site running.), coupled with new merchandise in the store and more advertising for the store. You can order wristbands printed with custom words and images to sell, hold design and product contests, sell "Instructables" kits with the parts for popular Instructables (giving a cut to the authors, of course). All said, I don't think this pro thing is a good idea. It might work, but its too much of a deterrent (in my humble opionion), when you charge for half of a free show and tell.


"I do not like the change, therefore I am going to presume they will fail. I will then sit back and watch what happens. If it fails, I already have my "told you so" post written, and if it works I will simply pretend I was not so negative in the first place.

The site was paid for through advertising, but the adverts are drying up.

Without advertising revenue, the choice is pro members or no members.

Or creating a FREE Instructables Community on LiveJournal. No need to stay here.

I had a quick look, I can't see one...

I wonder why?

Please read my reply to Keith-Kid: I understand that the money for Instructables is drying up, and that's why they need the Pro members. I can read, thanks very much. My point is that it targets certain members with the money to buy pro and makes them more important than normal members. My post was simply suggesting alternatives so that Instructables could lower the price at least. Paying 30something dollars for a virtual membership is hard in these times, but I'm saving to donate because I don't want Instructables to die. As for the translation, the heck? I was suggesting alternatives. I don't really care if I'm right or wrong, why should you assume that?

Read randofo's comment

This is not a matter of Instructables getting some more pocket money, its a matter of Instructables continuing to exist in these dire economic times.

Ibles isn't the only place this is gonna happen. Sadly these next few years will be filled with similar events.

I realize that Instructables needs more money, and i appreciate that. I'm just saying that there might be other ways to get the money or in least reduce the price as to make it easier for members to contribute. I'm planning on buying Pro once I have enough money anyways. Its not the best move, and I've seen other sites get messed up from it, but Instructables can probably weather it, especially with the 3-month trial thing. But most users wont be buying for the features anyways, but to donate, like you said.

This is so sad. People making money off of other people efforts. This was a great resource for people, and DIY. But not anymore. They are taking away what this whole DIY thing is about.

Did you actually read anything in this thread before reposting the same tired comment?

Maybe everyone is saying the 'same tired comment" cause you know...its the truth?

So you didn't actually read anything. Good to know; thanks!

Grah! I'm so tired of hearing this response! That's utter bunk. The site is still a great resource for people and DIY. They did not take away what "this whole DIY thing" is about. Last I checked, DIY meant Do-it-yourself, not Everything-is-free-to-me.

I know not everything is for free, in fact, Im a paying member to one of the nets largest paintball forums (MCB). This on the other hand is a bit different.

""The site is still a great resource for people and DIY"
So part of DIY is not resourcing for parts? Alright.

Well thanks so much to everyone that contributed to this site, I have had so much fun making many of these projects, that you took YOUR time and money to teach me, and the rest of the internet. Your great.


How is this different? Why do you object to paying for this but will pay for a forum? Do you imagine the forum takes more time, money, and effort to run that instructables (I guarantee it doesn't)? >So part of DIY is not resourcing for parts? Alright. I confess to not being entirely sure what you mean...

Yay! All images are back! :D I'll consider getting pro now if I can convince my dad to stop being cheap :D

Who likes my new photo?

Everyone has their own preference. I like my Upside Down Pro logo. Your new Give Back my Allsteps logo works as well.

Ad hominem attacks again? How...passe.


Must we go through this every time?

The only tool and pathetic wannabe I see around here is you.

Kiteman has not be hypocritical in the least, as you imply. He's actively made known the parts of pro he does not like, in public. He is also a valued member of the community by any measure, and personal attacks don't help your point at all. They only make people want to poke you with sharp pointy things. :S

Agreed. I've attempted to give ideas, tossing something out there. Sensoryhouse has been throwing digital punches. Kiteman hasn't done much better because he's letting himself be provoked into fighting back. Will you 2 children give up, go to your respective corners, and talk it out there?! I'm trying to predict the future of instructables, and all I see is fighting. That in mind, I'm starting to see a definite split already between Pro and Non-pro members. And within the Non-Pro are another 3 way split: Pro-unable, indifferent, and Anti-Pro. And would someone please explain to me this 'ad hominem' thing?

And would someone please explain to me this 'ad hominem' thing?

Google is your friend, as is Wikipedia. Try them, you might like them.

Thanks for the advice. learned a lot from Wikipedia.

It's not unreasonable to respond to his allegations when they're as ridiculous as they are.

There need be no split. I firmly believe this is temporary.

People hate change. They go through a few basic stages when reacting to change - they get angry and upset about it. Then they doubt it and resist it. They go on to experience discomfort and anxiety. At this point, they either go on to realize that it's not the end of the world, start to see good in the change, and move on to accepting and maybe even liking the change - or they go back to the first stage. Let's don't get bogged down here. Let's move on to seeing the good in this change, instead of going back to the beginning negative reaction. That doesn't mean we have to go along with any part of it - we can disagree with parts of it, and politely and respectfully make that known, and suggest alternatives, without getting bogged down in overly emotional reactions and irrational flaming.

As for ad hominem, please just google it.

Can you just give up already? Sensoryhouse has brought up valid points to the discussion, as have almost everyone in this thread before it turned into a boxing match. He, and many others, don't feel that paying for more features is worth it or fair, and is entitled to that opinion. however, apparently some people haven't realized THAT ITS OVER. Obviously Eric and the staff don't give one anymore, as is shown by the fact that none of them have commented here in over a month. All that's left is two or three people throwing punches over an argument that essentially ended weeks ago. Could you in least start a new chain so I don't get all these email's? :(

I'm sorry, but I'm going to defend my friends when they're insulted and respond to others saying the community is irreplaceably broken - whether you like it or not.

Has it ever occurred to you that Eric and the staff have lives of their own? That instructables is not the only thing they've got going on right now? That they might be busy with other things? Eric has extensively responded to postings by various members on the subject. Just because you don't get a reply from the CEO every 10 minutes doesn't mean it's wrong to keep discussing.

I was not only directing my reply at you, more at Kiteman as well, and SH. Why resurrect this? Its DEAD. Let it DIE. If someone bumps it, and this applies to everyone, please just ignore it! My original post no longer applies, I have already expressed that I now how switched sides and support Pro accounts, yet you, SH and Kiteman continue to tussle over it! It doesn't matter anymore, only a select few members are still against Pro accounts,m most have seen the light and see that they care about Instructables enough that paying some money is worth this site, and those that don't have every right to. Also, apparently Kiteman making Ad hominem arguments against me is OK, but SensoryHouse replying with them is not?

I am sorry if you thought I was attacking you, but I was actually referring to your comment.

I don't see the split as being between pro and non-pro, but between those who accept the need for pro, and those who still think they should get something for nothing.

As for the Admins not posting, in addition to what Lira said, they do read as much of this as they can, and there is an awful lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that most members (including most pros) are not party to.

(I'll stop now)

Thanks for a sensible and non-angry reply. :)

I have seen many a forum die because of money for membership. Eventually they lose they're domain name (which is snached up by domain sharks) and they are forgotten forever. I do not want to see this happen to Instructables.

Agreed! I've seen 2 die from membership costs, and it sucks. The worst part is that either they're lost and forgotten forever, or, worse, they keep running but they're so torn up by the paid members that there's no scraps of the original site left.

I can't help noticing that none of the sites that people have "seen die" have never been named, nor linked to. FOAF? "Dúirt bean liom go ndúirt bean léi" ?

While I know a touch, I can't figure it out. I think the most I was able to grasp while 'learning' it was goodbye.

Roughly, it's "a woman told a woman" - it's the same as FOAF.

no, but Google helps a lot here ;-) that's how I learn them ;-)

Google doesn't list 'I' as an acronym. What's it mean?

Kiteman: I've seen Tribalwars.net and also Runescape die due to membership. While I don't believe this will be an issue on instructables, as all the original features are still free.

runescape died because somewhere in the order of 75% of their users were mid teen age and younger....the demographic that doesn't have expendable cash to pay on the internet or even credit cards to pay for things on the internet (most places don't take cash)....so when they went to paid...which by the way was always in their plans...it was free for a predefined period with the expectation clearly stated in their user agreement that at the end of that period of time the entire process would go to a paid system....it was free for however long so that they could get people hooked...and they hoped that people would stay and pay to play....but once runescape took off...there were an inordinate amount of clones that stayed free (or had the same plans to go paid untill runescape bit the dust) it's hardly a relevant connection to this site that (apart from the knex crap) has an older demographic

That isn't at all how Runescape died. Runescape died due to crappy updates and forcing people to pay to get a better gameplay experience, and then, after they found bugs with the experience that people were getting, they decided to take it away. So now there's no point in playing free, or playing member.