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Instructables Problem Answered

Hello, I am having a problem with my instructable. It says that it is published and is accessible through my instructable page but when I Search for it it can't be found. Can someone please tell me what is going on?


You may have tripped our filters with your wording. Since we don't usually work over the weekends you'll need to wait until we're back at the lab to release your project.

I am having the same issue


10 years ago

That happens a lot. Just wait a while (about 24 hours since it was published) and if it is not there then PM fungus amungus.

this is happening to two of mine and i pmed him twice with no reply . . .now what?

You just need to wait. Try republishing them. I am not sure why this happens, you could try asking kiteman, he helped me.

p'raps i'll try a republish , , ,it's been weeks

how do you get to do another instructable? i did two but now i cant find the button :(

If you hold your mouse over the submit button there should be another button that says instructable. Once you click this you be able to make an instructable. Once you make the instructable click the save and publish button, then you should be all set.

i cant find one of my instructables when i serch for it, but its on my home page too