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Instructables Review Answered

I was just wondering if you guys (by you guys I mean whoever feels like it) could review my instructable: www.instructables.com/id/Guides-to-Drawing-Wolves/ 

It's already published, But I would like to know if there is anything to add or edit to make it feature-worthy. Also, any advice you can give me to improve my future instructables would be appreciated.




8 years ago

Okey LoneWolf.

I want to start to say I like you. You're an active member on this site and I agree with most of your comments.

I'm just gonna say it how it is and how I think it is. It's not in any way meant to be rude or anything.

First of all:

Nice subject for an ible. Haven't seen much of those and I always like to see stuff that hasn't been posted before (although improvements of excisting ibles are always fine by me)

Now some pointers:

internet pictures: I know me and many other people don't like internet pictures. I know you meant good by using those tutorials of deviantart but to many it will seem as you just ripped some images you found during a google search. So instead of using those tutorials I advice you to use those tutorials to make your own tutorial. You can use techniques they use but give it your own spin (and drawings)

Your first picture: is a drawing you made yourself. And I must say I'm impressed I fancy drawing stuff myself and you got some skills. That's why I would rather see an instructable how you made that picture then a bunch of tutorials on other stuff. Remember if you make more wolf sketches you can always add the instruction later via the edit button ;)

Credit: So sometimes you use something off the internet. No worries sometimes you just can't improve it (I had that with my personalized rubiks cube, I used squares I found because if I made them they would be worse or just as good) But the important thing is credit. I noticed you gave credit in the comments but that will be buried once you get more comments so just add an extra step with credits or give credits with each tutorial. Don't forget links were you found it.

Adding files: I don't know how but I do know you can attach pdf's so perhaps you can make your tutorial pictures in a pdf so people can make them bigger.

so to make instructables feature worthy (a small sum up from everything I said)

- make something original or add improvements to an excisting ible (the drawing of wolves is original)

- make your own drawings and tutorials. If you really can't show it better then an excisting tutorial you can add it. But don't forget a small rule I use myself. If you use an image that is not yours make sure there are 9 usefull (so don't go throwing images in to meet the quota) images that are yours So what I mean is that only 1/10 of the explenation and images in your ible can be from someone else.

- credit: credit the maker of the stuff you use. Either in the step you use his/her stuff or at the end.

- add files when images are to small:when you explain something in an image make sure the image is attatched in something downloadeble. Best if it's pdf or something like that.

- correct spelling! You use it as far as I checked but I can't stress this enough. Try to spell correctly. I make many mistakes but I try to avoid them as much as I can.

That's  all I have for now. Perhaps I'll come up with something more but I think you have something to go from now. :)



Reply 8 years ago

Wow!!! Thanks a ton!!! THis is exactly the kind of comment I was hoping for!!!!

Thanks!!! :)


8 years ago

Oh, and let me know if the link works.