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Instructables Robot Memopad Answered

In my Tech. class we are learning to use a line camera, develop film, make plates and use the off-set printing press. The press this was printed on is from 1955, oldest in Maine my instructor says. In the gluing process I messed up a little, some pages got misaligned and I went a little heavy on the glue, but I trimmed it after and it looks better.


im ttly going to make one of those

That's awesome! I want one! :-)

So what did you instructor and classmates say about Robot?

nobody knows about instructables, i think, at least no one said so. but i kept getting comments like "cool/neat/awesome robot"

Cool pad. Is the robot graphic positioned differently on each page so that it is animated as in a flipbook?

Anyway, I think it's great that you can learn "old-fashioned" skills in class. You can understand what an art it was to create things by hand. You can develop a better sense of your own creativity than relying on a computer program to spit things out.

Why don't you put an instructable together on this and add it to the instructables robot group?

Nope, not a flip book. And seeing as now i have some time before we move on ( i was the first done) i just might make an instructable on it. classmates might give me funny looks for taking pictures of everything, might be fun.

Greetings kind human.
Your accurate visual replication has 
been recorded to memory.
You are a master of the printing press.