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Instructables Robot Plushie Preview v2.0!!! Answered

So here he is! He's naked and without his upgrades, but you get the general idea! He's going to have little yarn wrapped washer wheels, a face, buttons, and later models will probably have arms closer to the body as well as shorter legs, I think. Oh, and some cardboard put in the butt because right now he has some serious junk. ;) And for all the boys - terribly sorry about how cutesy he came out. That's just how it works. Someone could tell me to make a werewolf plushie and it would be adorable in the end. I don't know that you can make macho plushies. I can't, at least. :P And sorry about the color difference in the pictures. Bad lighting and a loooong day, haha. Oh, and the stitching is a little bumpy on this butt and in other areas since he's just the prototype and all. I was doing a quick running stitch and slipstitch. :P So.... comments? Questions? Suggestions? Dancing? Indifference? Criticism? BRING IT ON! :D


This is not meant to be a negative comment in any way, just illustrating how warped MY mind can be sometimes I guess, but the head and how the face area appears sectioned off reminded me of the old Max Headroom TV of the past (first a commercial, than his own TV show).


Goodhart watches Anime? (adds to list of weird things)

Only watched a few so called "adult swim" Anime programs. Highly weird stuff really.

Watch Tim and Eric. The Chan episode was one of the best so far, explaining how to take care of your child clown.

Name ten things that aren't Jackie Chan.

Well, until I am back to work, I have been going to bed fairly early (10 pm or so) so I can get up and walk in the morning before the sun gets above the east side trees and turns a walk into a sweltering steam bath. :-)

Oh... I drew a blank I though that sew was pronounced "soo". lol. I get it now: "Soh"

Hey mister! I have been sewing. That's all I've been doing today, really. :P Version 2 or 3 or whatever I'm up to is looking good. He has cardboard in his butt now. I'm working on the head.

Not to mention GMiko going insane...

She's at the HQ too! She has plenty of time!


You wouldn't want here to turn into an old Sew and sew now would you ? LOL

WHA?! How do you.....how could.....why would.........duh........Y...You're old!!!! You're not supposed to know about Anime! You're supposed to think its some sort of food! Then you should complain about our youth and such.....but not know about Anime! Everything I know is wrong!!!!!

FLCL is on what Cartoon network calls "Adult Swim", late at night. Besides being mentally disturbing, some are mildly amusing just to see how THEIR culture view OUR culture.

I know, I used to watch it on Adult Swim.

I researched the "story line" as it is supposed to be shown, and I can follow that, but the show was pretty whacked as far as I was concerned......I could not see how the story line could be gotten from the actual show :-)

Yeah, same here. It's really just too fast paced. But I love it! Amazing effects, and interesting scenes.

But its just random insaneness.

Ever hear of Bobobo-bo-bobobo? THAT is simply insane.

No, that one must have slipped by me ;-)

OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AN AMERICAN ADULT ACTUALLY KNOWS ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Yup. Ohh....... I love Adult Swim animes....... they made my day.

Very well done Jessy!
I might have to make one!

kinda gotta learn how to sew good first :/..

It's really not that hard if you're a beginner. You just have to go slow and take lots of breaks. :D

UPDATE! Instructable will definitely be up tomorrow - Sunday, August 3. It's half done right now. I have to stop working on it right now because I ran out of natural light and I am teh picky. I want you guys to have good pictures. :D

I'm almost done sewing it now. Then I'll start adding pictures to the instructable and adding a few more steps. I'll be posting a link in a couple hours, most likely. :)

Be patient! If she needs more time (other than the, what, six months she's been working on the project :P), then we should allow her to take as much time as she needs. Otherwise, she'd have to crank out a mediocre product than a good product.

The six months or however long was a super long time, too! I'm just as ready for this to be over with as you guys are. :P Sorting through all these images is a little rough, I have to admit. And I'm spending a little extra time on explanations. I still have to decorate him, too, but that will be pretty easy. Getting really close, though! :D

Just wait till Mike hears about this..
Twas the night before Plushie Release '08, and all through the house..

That's out of meter! T'was the night before Plushie, and all through the 'net, G.Miko was waiting, no caffeine quite yet.

RSS was set up on the toolbar with care, In hopes that the Plushie soon would be there.

You musta been here a while thinking of that. I had other things to do.. like take apart this hard drive :D

Yeah... it took me a few minutes... maybe 5?
The thing is, I'm trying to do productive things... but its so humid and I feel lazy :P

...and I've poked the plushie before. 'Tis very plush!

Its humid here as well..

Hmm I thought it would be more posh than plush..

So cute! I just love the plushy poofy look! Almost like he decided not to excercise! OOOOHHHH! I want one now! Almost like robot voodoo! Enter this into the book contest, or I'll bring the hurt. (violence)

Yay! I think its allowed to be cute, the robot itself kinda has that odd disposition about him. (I secretly doubt that the robot actually does all they say it does. When I was there, I saw it send an email once, but I think someone was puppeteering from the ceiling...)




(add video here)

P.S., If you didn't know, he says, "This is blasphemy! This is madness!" Then the other guy turns around blah blah blah then he turns back around, says madness? THIS IS SPARTA! And kicks him in the hole. :O

When is an 'ible to be expected?

This week, I'm thinking. I have a lot of time to work on it. The third version is almost done. Right now I'm working on an embroidery instructable, though, to help people decorate the robot. I got a little burned out on backstitching for hours and I needed to move on to something else for a day. :P