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Instructables Saved My Life Answered

First things first, I've been a member of Instructables for 4 years. I made a separate account to post this for a number of reasons, including the fact that people I know in real life who don't know much about this part of my life could end up seeing this, and I really just don't want to deal with that.

So. When you see this title you probably think "Oh, this chick learned how to do some sort of life saving thing on here and applied it to a real life situation." No, not quite.

Lets start with the background story. I was 14, and had gotten in trouble for something stupid. I was quite upset about it and had recently learned about something called self harm. Seeing as I had heard that self harm can help people release emotions and generally feel better about things, I tried it. It eventually became a habit. I'm not sure if the self harm played a part in my spiral into depression or not,  but it sure didn't help it. Along with the depression came, unfortunately, suicidal thoughts. I thought about it a lot. How I would do it, when I would do it. All that. I believed that I'd probably end up going through with it by the time I was 18 or so.

Now fast forward a bit. To when I was about 15.

I was browsing Ibles one day and discovered this Instructable. It's a good Instructable, but nothing really stood out to me. Until I got to step 8. Where I saw this:

"Never ever think that you're not worth it or life's not worth, read the next step on all the crap I've learnt from without ever having had a suicidal thought, you're much better off being alive than dead, it's disturbing to think that people would do something so stupid, wasteful and futile."

Now, Killerjackalope was one of the members I looked up to on here, and this quote struck very close to home for me. I couldn't help but remember it. I made a promise to myself that no matter how bad things looked, I wouldn't attempt suicide. Promises to oneself are easily broken, as many of you may know. But this one for some reason wasn't. Every time I considered suicide, that quote came to my mind and made me think "What about the promise you made to yourself? You can't break it."

I'm 18 now, and I've come a long way from where I was then. There's been many rough patches, but through it all, I haven't broken that promise.

Not only did that single Instructable help me, but the site as a whole did too. The projects, the community, that sort of stuff, all helped me. Making things made me happy, and posting projects on here was rather therapeutic.



6 years ago

Your last paragraph is how I feel about the site, too.

A big electronic hug to you. Glad you are still here.

Thank you for sharing with other young people who might listen to a peer better than to us old fogies about life eventually improving. The journey is not supposed to be too easy, but it should be interesting and rewarding.


Reply 6 years ago

I think a lot of people feel that way about this site :) I don't think I've ever found another site where the people on it have been so supportive and constructive with their criticism.

And thanks, I'm glad I am too!

Also, if anyone ever needs to talk, I'm only a PM away :)


6 years ago

Thats so nice...

i love this site.