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Instructables Screensavers! Answered

I just created 3 Instructables screensavers. They feature the instructables robot bouncing around the screen with an instructables logo in the top-left hand corner.

The screensavers are:
White BG
Black BG
Transparent BG

If you have any suggestions or modifications you would like to see in these screensavers, please comment below. If you would like me to make you a custom screensaver, please PM me.

Update: I changed the download file to a zip archive. It should stop the download problems


Why should he? I mean, yeah you made the ones for windows but it's not like you invented the idea for screensavers or anything.

It dosent work. I dont know what to do with a .tmp file.

. Right-click on the link, select "Save as..." (or something similar), change the name in the save dialog to "Instructables Screensaver Install.exe"

dont worry im making one for us mac users as we speak!!

Sorry, I can't seem to be able to make one. I can't convert them either. I will keep trying but no guarantees. Sorry.

Yeah, No operating system will know what to do with exe.tmp.

I'm uploading a zip file. Download that instead.

. I didn't realize that would work. It still scrambles the name, but at least it preserves the extension. I'll have to remember that one.

It does scramble the filename. I wonder why?

. I don't know. Maybe to prevent name duplication system-wide. Not passing .EXE files correctly may be to limit distribution of malware (most ne'er-do-wells aren't going to stick around to explain how to d/l a binary). Just guessing.

Eh one of the reasons but also many web hosts refuse using .EXE files on their servers to cut down on people firing out mal-ware etc.

Not having the .exe is probably for the malware issue and the name scrambling would be for name duplication.

Indeed, one of the most annoying things is free hosting though, they're particularly careful of spy and mal-ware you can't upload any executable files at all and no .tmps you can zip things and it doesn't always catch on...

I'd say it would be for name duplication/

ANNOUNCEMENT PEOPLES: I have nearly made one for mac users it will be available for download in bout 40 min :D

These wont work on a mac will they ????

No sorry. There is no way to convert windows binaries to mac binaries that I know of. But if anyone knows how to, PM me!

What Program did you use im desperatley trying to make one for us mac users but i dont have Leopard OSX so its really hard finding programs

very cool! just set up the transparent one. looks pretty cool. Note, how did you make the screen savers???

I used Axialis Professional Screensaver Producer. I'm glad you like the screensaver! I'm using the same one now.

Hmm... I'll have to try that. I use Visual Studio for mine.


10 years ago

sweet, i'm using the transparent one aswell

Thanks for the .zip file!

Pretty groovy stuff!

Sweet, I'm going to install it right now.

im gonna get one soon once i get on my computer

Thanks munchman! I just enabled the transparent screen saver! It is awesome!


10 years ago

Those are pretty cool! Nice job.