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Instructables Shark Watching Trip! Answered

First off, we didn't see sharks, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good time!

Yesterday (11/20/13) the Instructables crew went out on a rented boat (there were people to drive this boat) and went out to the Farallon Islands to try to see sharks because the site was able to get 1 Million visits in a single day!  So this was thanks to all of you!

It was not the best day (bit rainy and cold), but we all had a good time and only 4 of us got sick!  Yay!

Pictures provided by everyone!  Gif by Renee.



4 years ago

Awesome. Did you see any squid?

A 3 hour cruise...?

Btw, who are all these people? It's not like the About page is updated by anyone.

It's just occured to me, Phil is living a double life!


More pics!


Baah-dum... baah-dum... bahdum-bahdum-bahdum!

Awesome photos! Love the gif, too.

Ahh, all the rain! I particularly enjoyed the ride out there when I was just getting wet and not noticing it as much :D

Yaaaaay! So fun but so wet!