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Instructables Show & Tell at Yuri's Night SF 4/12/08 Answered

Join us for an Instructables Show & Tell at the SF Bay Area Yuri's Night at Saturday, 12 April 2008!

Show off your hacks, crafts, and discoveries, demo finished projects, bring in-progress work for advice, or just share your neat ideas with an awesome bunch of people.

Who: You, your kids, friends, and family
What: Projects, lots of them, of all types!
When: 3:30-4:30pm, Saturday April 12 2008
Where: Hanger Stage B, NASA Ames Research Center, SF Bay Area Yuri's Night 2008
Why: Do I really need to answer this one?
How: Get your tickets here, and show up! (Kids' tickets are half-price.)

RSVPs are nice, and necessary if you'll be bringing anything we need to warn Security about.

Examples: bring your new LED, LEGO, or K'nex project, a cool screen-printed T-shirt, neat origami, a cool bike mod, home-made kimchee, alternate uses for your ipod, a fire-breathing Godzilla, a neat example of vintage technology, or just a cool idea you'd like to explore with other like-minded people. Anything you'd put up as an Instructable is definitely fair game- bring it by and show it off. Email or message me if you've got specific questions.

Note:NO PowerPoint. You've got 2-4 minutes to talk about your project; words and models are best way to do a quick demo. Projectors don't work well in daylight, anyway.


Oh yes, details please for those of us with organizational dyslexia. *sigh*

Oh! Pictures, please (when it happens), and any hints (for me) would be gratefully received.

I'm coming most likely. :-) (I'm going to Yosemite, and after Yosemite we'll come by at that time. Hopefully.)

Yep. :-) Hopefully I am still in San Francisco at 3:30 or something. Wait! I think we are staying at San Francisco for a day as well... :-) Must. Ask. Dad!!!

I really want to travel out there sometime, and visit the HQ, and SF. Maybe next summer.